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Bonkers (and) Conkers!

It's officially Autumn - I GOT CONKERS!!

(i.e. horse chestnuts)

Picked up a load of them from the trees up by Stoke Village... Now all I have to do is drill them, fill them with concrete, thread them on strings and go out and find some irritating public schoolboys to have a conker fight with so I can blind them and leave them crying...

Rules of Combat for Conkers
Game played with horse chestnuts, usually by boys; the "conkers" are threaded on string, and players take turns to hit their opponent's conker. The first to break loses. The winner adds the number of conkers the opponent's conker has broken to his own; for example, a conker that has broken six others is a "sixer", if it breaks another sixer it becomes a "twelver".

In Other News

I am all exhausted and ready to flop. I am so tired and confused and my brain is ready to collapse in on itself.

At least, that's what it feels like...

Walked down to the CFE in Devonport this afternoon and saw a vintage Singer sewing machine on its original table and still with its flip-top full working order and looking gorgeous... The note on it said 'Free to a good home' and was outside a house that was being renovated by builders. I popped in and said I'd collect it tommorrow.

Got to the CFE enrolled on the AS Level Film Studies (starting that next Tuesday), then went up to Stoke Village to do some shopping, then walked home again - bloody long way from Devonport to Hartley - almost an hours walk and I have blisters...

missbumpkin rang me and I was going to go over to the farm tonight, then Exeter tommorrow, then to see Fahrenheit 9/11 at the Arts Centre in the evening...

Then I remember that I'm supposed to be visiting my youngest sister this evening (pre-arranged 4 days ago) to watch movies and stuff so I can't go to the farm tonight... Following which I remember I am supposed to be collecting the sewing machine tommorrow daytime and the film camera from Neil in the afternoon...

AND THEN... I also find out that I'm expected at a poetry reading night down at the Art Garden Cafe tommorrow night, 7pm to 9pm. I've not been to the group in a month due to moving and I ought to put in an appearance...

SO... I've rung missbumpkin and apologised for my emptyheadedness. I am too hot and tired, my back hurts from stupid lifting yesterday...someone has made a hole in my head and all the greymatter inside has fallen out the back. Tonight I am off to see Helen, tommorrow I have a sewing machine/camera collection run, and tommorrow evening I shall be putting in an hour plus fifteen at the poetry night and then going to the cinema...


I NEED A P.A !!!


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