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Tickets Please!!

I am now living in a library. Should be issuing tickets to visitors...

In my 'spacious-loft-living-area' I now have two tall bookcases, two medium bookcases, various stacking boxes...blah di blah...AND THEY'RE ALL FULL!!

Way way too many cds, random books of all genres, over 200 vampire books, old cassettes, computer games, hundreds of vampire movies, quite a few filmed theatre shows I've done, random films, a handful of dvds...

...and I've run out of shelves.

Bugger!! Could really have done with getting three medium height bookcases this morning instead of two - but I did rather well all told. I braved the bickering display that was my parents in B&Q and then Homebase and came away with a dvd player, two medium bookcases, a plastic drawer storage unit, a plant, a big bin (one of those with the roundy flip-lids you can wear on your head and pretend to be Bomberman - which I did, at the checkout, and got disapproving looks from grumpy old bastards in the queue...), an oven tray and a random plant.


Now I've been exhausting myself sorting everything out... Only a third of the way to go before I am remotely organised, but at least the cds are in all the right cases now lol!!

*sips tea and then buggers off to sort out HAUGE pile of clothes/costumes instead*

(need about 50 hangers?)

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