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I must be getting old. Looking at this post I am clearly going senile anyway...

My mother bought me a dark blue beanie BEDDY BEAR which has a tummy-full of beads that when you MICROWAVE HIM (poor poor unsuspecting soff!!) he heats up and will toast your bed with the relaxing scent of lavender as you snooze.

Where once I scoffed at lavender pillows as being solely for the elderly generation, to go where the cat used to sit - or for comfort in the retirement home (where you might, for example, go to die) - I have been forced to admit to myself that, since I was pleased about receiving this bear, I *MUST* be getting old indeed; it's that encroaching adulthood of which I was so terrified prior to my 30th birthday back in June...

Btw, this SCARED me:
To chill your Beddy Bear as a cold pack, place it within a plastic bag in your freezer for no longer than 2 hours.



Beddy Bears are only designed to be heated by adults in a microwave oven. Never try to heat your Beddy Bear in a conventional oven, or leave a heated or chilled Beddy Bear with a sleeping infant or child.

Even more sinister, dontcha think??

But, Oh Gawd help me! I LOVED HUGGING THIS BEAR!!! Next thing I know I'll be visiting garden centres and coming home with rescued plants...

Ah. The above is actually Jui-ehh!!'s and my plans for an afternoon next week. But that doesn't make me old - oh no - it merely adds to my bohemian image - proof of this could be that Jui-ehh!! is 21 and therefore would be aging way way prematurely. And plants are cool - you can sit in the backgarden and look at them whilst you take tiffin al fresco with your friends.

I may be 30 - but I'm not OLD!!! Simply, I have now reached the age where I feel I can still get away with things, but now also be taken seriously.


The grass is always greener... the middle.


Ok, so last night I performed as Lady Macbeth in the old Alexandria theatre in Birmingham, only Banquo's ghost was a real wraith and not an actor... And I met with a mage and some other weird people, and narrowly avoided a supernatural fight.

Ok, ok, this wasn't real. This was roleplay. World. Of. Darkness. It was fun.

Now I think I ought to go to bed. Probably I am going out with my sister in the morning and who knows what else during the day. Take in a movie? Open some cheap red plonk and get sozzled in the evening? I have no idea...

*wanders off rambling scary-bear nonsense*

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