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I Have Bills!! I feel like a man!!


This little horror on the right is my middle sisters son.

He's a funny little four year old, who up until last week thought his 'Aunty Yizzy' (he can't say L) was a man... What a confusion when mummy managed to convince him otherwise...though I must say I'm not surprised - I always get type-cast as the evil male character in panto.


He sometimes thinks he's a girl - and goes round clothes shops feeling the fabrics and commenting on them - has been found covered head to toe in my sisters red lipstick and saying 'Mummy I'm a red boy now' and once wore the tumble dryer hose on his head whilst declaring he was a 'Pretty Lady'.

Peculiar boy! He starts school on Monday, and I dread to think what turmoil is going to happen in his head when he finds out he's not a girl, as previously thought.

Poor poor Alexander! He's in for a bit of a shock I fear...



Oh crap I have bills to pay. I'd better get off the computer right now and go to ring 02, to whom I owe the princely sum of 203 quid this month and the next. Then it's done.

Tempted to wait on the electricity arrears (450 quid) and water rates arrears (504) for a week - then I can ring them to arrange a payment plan beginning start of next month. Yes, that is what I shall do.

Debt is a bastard, but my youngest sister tells me she has far worse, so I'm least they're ALL HER FAULT lol!

(which mine aren't)


In Other News...

Have given the mortal_immortal details over to hawklord2112 - so I don't have to do a write-up if I can't be arsed - he's the GM and I've missed quite a few sessions. Now he's going to have to update from the last time I played/wrote anything. Ha ha!


And now I find I need a cup of tea - perhaps I shall raid the cereal cupboard and find some crunchy nut cornflakes too? I was rather surprised to find milk on the doorstep this morning - two pints of the white matter - so I may as well put it to good use, eh?

It's a 'dress down day' at work tonight... So I'm having a 'dress up day' - full goff scary face is a comin'.


*buggers off in a dreadfully jovial mood*

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