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Lazy Bastard Day...

It has been too hot today, so I spent the entire day sprawled out all collapsey-dehydrated on my bed. Lazy lazy me... Actually, having got home from work at 6:15 this morning, it was too warm and stuffy to sleep - and I only managed it intermittently.

(plus, the parents came back to drop the cats off and I had to ensure I didn't surface till they'd gone hehe)

In the 'hours of snooze', I spent time being a cameraman that was arrested by a real guerilla gang and thrown into a cell for a practical joke, then got dressed up for a toffs party, travelling in a coach from a place in the mountains into Monaco - but the coach driver fell out of the door and I had to drive it (with brakes jammed on) down a wiggly dangerous cliff road - one of those scenes like in 'The Big Bus' or 'The Italian Job'. Oh, and some time in theatre, with my usual old 'Weird Cabaret' bunch - but it was all different and strange...

(could it possibly be stranger anyway?)

So my daytime was not entirely wasted, although I could have spent time paying/sorting out finalised bills. Which would you choose hehe!!

Now I have kitties to tickle and the place to myself again till Monday - huzzah!!

Btw, I'm not planning on doing much barbican theatre this season - there's not going to be a community panto at Xmas, and the Weird Cabaret bunch are now working with Jojo, who I don't really get on with - probably because I made it very clear in front of everybody/to everyone that I thought his 'naked people' photo projects and 'anyone comfortable with performing nude?' suggestions to us, which he billed as 'exciting theatre experiments' are so bloody passe...

A few of those 'tits oot fer the lads' comments on my part and I find myself being singled out and picked upon during rehearsals. Wanker. So I'm focussing on my own projects and can't particularly be arsed with going there...spending time (when I'm done with all this unpacking-after-moving malarkey) with the Art Garden Cafe instead.

So nyaaah!!! :P

Had a humungous great weird-cool idea last night at work based on 'Read, Mark, Learn and Inwardly Digest'. To do with eating books...but rather complicated to boot.

More on this later;)


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