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*rubs eyes*

I just got woken up by my middle sister and her son - she crept upstairs and looked at me:/

She could have at least brought me a cup of tea... I walked home from work (my) last night/6am this morning and it took me half an hour - all up hill from work to Mutley Plain to Hartley. OW!!! I suppose it will do me good though, but was weird going from dark when I left work to daylight by the time I got home... Didn't get to sleep till 7am either, and then I get woken at 1pm!!

Ok, I'm rambling... Had a fab Monday afternoon with missbumpkin - we went in town, spent too much in The Works (Lugosi dvds and stretched canvas), then to the Arts Centre cafe for cheese and leek flan etc...

Might go and see Fahrenheit 9/11 next weekend as I've not seen it yet. They are playing 'Supersize Me' next month too...

Today I have laundry to do and a 'theatre wardrobe' to organise before work as usual...but I have wangled the WHOLE OF NEXT WEEK OFF!!!

OOH!! What shall I do? (besides unpack)

*happy dance*

*wanders off for cup of tea*

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