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Bank Holiday, and I have nothing to do (apart from maybe tidy)

After being hungover most of the day yesterday, I went out in the evening with bringmestars and a couple of her friends to 'The Jazz Bar' below Goodbodies on Mutley Plain... They didn't play Jazz (false advertising!), and when we asked, only got half an hour of it before it was back to the crap rock on the cd player...

Clearly we went there on the wrong night - all the other nights seemed to be advertising open mic free jazz and stuff. Just not when we were there. Bugger!!

I had a pint of lager and we were accosted by a VERY dribbly-drunk fool who wanted to know if I was a fan of Charlie Chaplin and randomly shouted 'Rufus Wainwright' over to us - his mate came over to ask if he had offended us. Twas sort of funny... But the rest of the clientele creeped us out utterly - felt like being on parade in a cattle market... Eww!! You couldn't look round without seeing all the middle-aged local blokes staring at us...

We left and went back to mine, where I gave everyone a 'grand tour' - including the back bedroom, which is all varying shades of fuschia pink/chintz and is a Laurence Llewellyn Bowen Acid Nightmare - decorated by my mother... Then we sat in the kitchen drinking beer/coffee/tea and sharing ghost stories - our real experiences and stuff...

(this house was a children's home during the war - definately has 'feelings' around the place, but in a warm way - unlike one or two places I've lived in:/ ...and bringmestars DROVE THROUGH SOMEONE in Cornwall - EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!)


They all left me on my own at half past twelve, with Nick Cave's 'Nature Boy' blaring out in the kitchen. Then I went to bed. With comfort chocolate.


Spent most of yesterday afternoon playing with my LAUNCHCAST STATION - it's so much fun with broadband...

So, after about four hours of random tweaking and adding more bands, I have to highly recommend to you my 'selekta':

It makes me want to spend tons and tons of money (which I don't have) on billions of cds - all of these... Only I can't afford to, so this is like having billions of cds - but none of the hassle of stacking them, or the space taken up by mp3s... It's all my favourite stuff, and will play without repeating for hours and hours and hours - days probably - not happened yet - and the beauty of it is IT STREAMS PERFECTLY ON BROADBAND....

First 40 played yesterday (!!) and not a crap track yet... Not surprised though - I'm rated as 'Fanatic' with over 1,000 ratings of bands, songs, albums etc... It will only sometimes play something random and shit that's 'rated on other launchcast stations', but that's only because you HAVE to have those, and I click past lol!!

Kraftwerk : Spacelab
The Birthday Party : Happy Birthday
Front 242 : Rhythm of Time
Duran Duran : Hungry Like The Wolf
Sister Machine Gun : Everything
The Divine Comedy : A Woman of the World
The Bolshoi : Sunday Morning
Violent Femmes : A Story
Einsturzende Neubauten : Kein Bestandteil Sein
Revolting Cocks : 38
Pink Floyd : Comfortably Numb
Ministry : Jesus Built My Hotrod
Pig : Find It F. It Forget It (Sump Mix)
Miles Davis : Dr. Jackle
Cabaret Voltaire : Just Fascination
Suede : The Power
Depeche Mode : Walking In My Shoes
Skinny Puppy : Stairs And Flowers - Dub
Curve : All Of One
Marc Almond : Waifs & Strays
David Bowie : Ziggy Stardust
Sisters Of Mercy : Detonation Boulevard
Fields Of The Nephilim : (Paradise Regained)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds : Babe, I'm On Fire
Dead Can Dance : I Can See Now
Bauhaus : Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores
Joy Division : The Eternal
Sparks : Your Call's Very Important To Us. Please Hold.
The Cure : In Between Days
Killing Joke : Who Told You How?
Nine Inch Nails : Something I Can Never Have
Radiohead : No Suprises
Morphine : Dawna
Ultravox : All Stood Still
Tones On Tail : Instrumental
Flesh For Lulu : Siamese Twist (Extended Mix)
Cranes : Everything For The Maker Of Heavenly Trousers
Clan Of Xymox : A Million Things
Love & Rockets : My Drug
The Faint : The Conductor

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