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Back to being 18. Oh dear.

I have not been quite so drunk in such a very long time...and severely ill-drunk-sick feeling and out of control on my own alone after Black Catz was not a good experience, since I haven't actually been in that state on my own in many many years - yes, I was drunk on my own at christmas, but that wasn't uncontrolled - it was just red wine then. When I get *that* drunk I need looking after - and sometimes send text messages saying 'hwlp' lol!!

(thinking aloud, I had better check my phone - I'll bet I've done it again)

Question: Why was I so drunk last night?
Answer: Mixing.

Last night, before we left I had half a bottle of red wine and a bottle of 5% lager from the fridge, then in the club I had three girly vodka mix drinks (VK stuff), a pint of bitter and two pints of lager.


My sister came round with her two kids at eleven o'clock this morning - I couldn't handle the noise so went back to bed...

My own bed in the loft - but the funny thing is, although I woke up in my bed in the loft, I actually fell asleep/unconscious in a spare bed in the middle bedroom, which is where I left my phone, and I don't remember leaving that bed to go back to the other one...

She brought me a coffee and took away the washing up bowl I had beside me on the floor lol!! (yes, the ibuprofen didn't stay down)


It was a damned good night - bit empty as a lot of people are off sick/couldn't be arsed or were at Reading or Infest... but the music was good, Simon came along - met at mine first with alienfox, saw hawklord2112 and a whole load of other people inc. a guy I had invited from the poetry reading nite I read at a while back. Emma and I did the pisstake actions dance for This Corrosion, and a few others. The Usual. And I carried her from the dancefloor to the dj booth over my shoulder in a firemans lift - don't remember why. All I know is I hurt now lol...although I'm partly blaming that on dancing to Closer.

I was very very drunk indeed - had a riotous time - laughed too much and my face and legs were numb... Mustn't let that happen again...

Now I'm drinking a cup of tea, going to have some crunchy nut cornflakes and then I think I might go back to bed...

Still hungover waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!:/


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