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Little Boxes...

I am all moved and done.

Spent my first night in the loft last night - as the parents are on holiday I was all alone... Chatted to vashe on MSN for a bit, then went out into the backgarden in the pitch black for a cigarette and I swear I could hear the plants breathing... Probably nothing more than greedy slugs and snails but it was rather creepy...

Went to bed with a big bar of chocolate (oops) at half past eleven - bit early I know, but I was utterly exhausted from a long day of running around doing stuff and cleaning etc...then moving the last carload of things with dad to here at 8pm- just bedding and leftovers mostly - my Snoopy and Bagpuss and stuff...then dad went back to the caravan at 9:30ish.

I now have all my stuff from living away from home since the age of 18 in boxes in the loft to sort through - a lot of it is probably junk - and I need some kind of storage solution... Stuff it all under the eaves I say!! Gimme a week and my 'spacious loft living' will actually look spacious rather than an overstuffed garage lol!!!

*off to drink tea and go through boxes*

Btw, Black Catz tonight - I still have a tenner, so WILL be out;)


I am now accessing teh interweb on my parents computer - broadband - wahoo!! - and have found this picture of me whilst noseying through my mother's folder lol!!:

(15 months old and playing Gilbert and Sullivan upside-down...)


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