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Crawling toward the finish line... (never been any good at sport lol!)

Stopping to breathe.

(and to stuff an egg salad, baby spinach, tomatoes and watercress sandwich)

(and a mug of coffee and cigarette)

Went up to my sister's last night with a big box of 'things to put in her dishwasher'. This took a LONG while, so ate her leek and cheese pie while I watched her paint the kitchen...and then sat drinking tea in the living room.

Got dropped back home about midnight, did a spot of tidying and made a pile of 'leftovers' from my room to take back to my new home tonight - along with a few other bags of kitchen stuff I'd forgotten to take the other day.

Slept till 9am, woke after the car I was in had plunged to the bottom of the river and I couldn't get out...

Went up to Stoke village to draw out some cash and...


I was 'kinda' dependant on it going in today - rang mum in a blind panic and dad drove over with 200 quid cash that I have to pay back on Tuesday when my pay does go in. Thank christ for sympathetic parents in times of need...

Rang SWEB with a final reading - the electricity arrears are 400 quid - but at least I'm not going to be living with someone who uses the tumbledryer everyday and lives in a lightshow anymore. Will put it on a slow drain payment plan along with the 500 water rates backlog. At least I'm thankful that the council tax arrears are only a fiver...

Rang 02 - paying 200 quid this month and 200 the next, so that's sorted. I'm just going to be in starvation city this month again, although I can eat stuff from my parents cupboards anyway, so shouldn't be a problem.

Went in town and got all the necessary stuff to leave for my flatmate - mobile battery and charger, keys, shoes, foodstuffs/household supplies, blank cds to burn my stuff off this computer and paid the 60 BT phone bill... Got myself a black lace shawl in the market for a bargainous five pounds and then a taxi home - which was a jolly chat to the ex-goff taxi driver who was recommending me the new Cure album...

Now I have to totally clean everywhere - though I have to pop back next week to hoover and then take my Dyson and cds with my computer stuff on, and I need to take the single bed away too and can't do it today. My middle sister's son is going to have it - he's only four and is sleeping in a crappy old bed atm.

Then that's it. Me done. Right now, I'm mostly on top of things, though I don't suppose I'll be leaving the flat till about 8pm tonight once everything is sorted.

Then I make a start on getting my life back in order...

My parents are still away on holiday next week so I'll have the big old house to myself hehe...

Also I am getting a Sony digital 8 camera for cheap off a workmate, paying half this month, half the next...and I have film ideas already - mostly a short 2 min thing with Jui-ehh!! to go with my 'In Heaven' mp3... soon as I find the perfect graveyard for the shots I want...(and the weather improves).

There we go.

Back to the grind.

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