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Kick me when I'm down...

As of 4am this morning I am now on a Stage Two. Despite my recent circumstances contributing almost entirely to my illnesses of late, they weren't counted as 'mitigating' enough to warrant not being issued it - even though they'd been taken as mitigating by a previous manager on previous stage warnings... I'd got let off Stage One twice due to these circumstances before...but not this time, as I was interviewed by a different manager who is only covering us for two weeks while Liz is away on holiday.

Obviously, I was VERY upset and angry - refused to sign the paperwork to acknowledge it for about an hour... Cried so much my eyes went bright green and the white bits went pink...

Then finally signed the paperwork after talking to my Shift Manager (next level up from the guy who issued the stage warning). He told me that the decision couldn't be reversed, but if I ever got to the situation that I had to have a Stage Three (final stage - consideration of dismissal), it would be dealt with by him (the shift manager) and EVERYTHING would be considered. Basically, I was told, without being specific or stating anything, that my job was safe. Needed that chat with him - as I was already in panic mode about potential loss of pay just when I was looking at the possibility of getting out of my debt situation etc.

So now if I have 2 absences or 10 days sick in any six month period over the next 12 months I'm up for Stage Three. A stress I could well do without.

Walked home in abject misery at 6am, went straight to bed and slept twelve hours. Now I'm up I have a mountain of tidying to do, tons of other stuff to get done tommorrow and I probably won't get to sleep tonight.

At least I don't have to go back to work till Tuesday night, and the shift manager told me that if I need to take a week off after moving, he'll authorise me shifting some holiday days to then at short notice - which you can't really do at the moment.

Acting managers, who are normally deputies, when your actual manager/mum are away SUCK - but I'm grateful that the shift manager is such a lovely and understanding person.

Oh, this is SO apt - more hurdles:/:

Gemini Daily extended (by
All you wanted was a fair chance, but circumstances seem to be saying something different right now. Don't think of it as a setback -- think of this obstacle as a wise teacher that's setting you up for your success with your next hurdle. Try to educate yourself about a situation before committing your time to it and entering the fray.

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