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Down on the farm...

Monday morning, and I'm up somewhat early, but there are kitchen-packing things to do and I shall sleep again later.

Saturday, I got up at about eleven am, and packed up all the stuff from the downstairs hallway - missbumpkin arrived at 3pm to help me shift it up to my parents house, and then we went to visit Tim and his new chickens.

We sat in the back garden for ages with the peckinpahs around us - four of them in fact - ridiculously inquisitive red fat birds who kept pecking my hair as it hung down the back of the garden chair I was sat in lol!! We drank japanese beer brewed in the czech republic, and missbumpkin and I had chinese takeaway (me=veggie chow mein and prawn crackers/nicky= veggie fried rice, sweet and sour sauce and chips), then Kate arrived and we drank some more...and Tim stuck his arm inside a huge marrow, and proudly showed us his first egg (which ended up inside the marrow)!!

*scratches head in disbelief*

Left at about 10pm after a shot of some UTTERLY DELICIOUS foreign imported stuff which was like liquid licorice at 35, thick and YUMMY!!!


Said our goodbyes to Tim, and missbumpkin, who had been drinking juice instead, drove us out to the farm for the night...

Along the way (it takes an hour to get to the farm) we listened to another tape of mine in the 'Noise' series that I'd found:

Noise Two:
The Cranes : Clear
Mike Oldfield : Blue Peter (off my 7" vinyl bought from Oxfam when it came out for a BP charity appeal)
L'amourder: Tin Drum (Finnish Punk band - 7" vinyl my sister won at a pony show raffle in 1986 - and I loved so much that I 'borrowed'.)
Violent Femmes : More Money Tonight
Pulp : Deep Fried in Kelvin
Deep Forest : Sweet Lullaby
Fields of the Nephilim : Intro (The Harmonica Man)
Fields of the Nephilim : Slow Kill
Smashing Pumpkins : Disarm
Nick Cave : The Carny
Depeche Mode : Clean
The Damned : Sanctum Sanctorum

Gotta love old compilation tapes!!

Got there about eleven and had a glass of wine, then we all went upstairs to watch 'Nosferatu' (the Werner Herzog/Klaus Kinski one), but fell asleep...

Woke up rather early on Sunday, which was missbumpkin's birthday...28...and watched Dogtanian and the Muskehounds on DVD for a bit, then we got up, had breakfast and lounged around.

Watched 'O Brother! Where Art Thou?', which was damned entertaining - and then had a YUMMY salad - feta cheese, 'monzarelli' (sic - Wendy), dips, mushroom pasta, garlic bread, boiled eggs, leaves...all sorts... THEN followed by chocolate brownie vienetta and pavlova... THEN birthday cake...

We were very stuffed indeed, then missbumpkin got her presents, one of which was a large purple hula-hoop, and we had goes on it and Lynsey's pogo stick...making us feel rather sick after eating so much...

Following which, we went for a walk on the farm. Green wellies - lahvly!! I felt such a sloane!!

Went to see the horses, and fat piggies (Trinny and Troy), sheep and cows - oooh Stuart Little is SOOO lovely!!, and later on, a couple of the horses were tacked up, and Kate went for a ride. I would have done but was tired and have done my back in somehow lifting things on Saturday - which still hurts too much.

We left the farm at about 5pm - didn't really want to have to leave, but I had to be back here yesterday because I have stuff to do this morning...and it started to rain rather heavily then. Got dropped home, and missbumpkin went to pick up other people to take back to the farm for the evening. I went straight to bed and have slept for hours and hours...

Wonderful weekend, so nice to be able to escape out to the middle of nowhere... I am so lucky to have such lovely friends:))

*hugs to the birthday girl*


Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ranatash_moon!!:)



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