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Hmm...Rather scarily accurate thus far...long may it continue!!

In many ways, Gemini, the year of 2004 will come as a relief for you. You were born under what could be termed perhaps the most inquisitive sign of the zodiac. You're always investigating new ideas and coming up with new plans, often to be told by others that what you're thinking is impractical - if not impossible. But as you know, frequently those ideas you've devised actually do happen; it's just that others couldn't see the future in the same way you could.

Now, events begin to support your viewpoint. The reason for this will be the arrival of Uranus, the planet of innovation, in the crucial mid-heaven angle of your chart. This indicates not only sudden changes in circumstances that bring just the breakthroughs you've been needing, but also a shift in perspective in those you're dealing with at home, at work and out in the world.

If ever there was a time to explore your options, to go over old ground, perhaps reviving plans or ideas you had before, and to discuss any hopes or dreams you've had with others, it's during the beginning of 2004.

But this won't be just about ideas you once had in the past. On the contrary, during the first two months of the year, in particular, when your ruler, Mercury, actually meets the visionary Neptune and Uranus itself, you'll find that you can't help but come up with all sorts of intriguing ideas.

Better yet, those around you - family, colleagues or associates - will be in a more inquisitive frame of mind. And where, before, their automatic reaction to your suggestions might have been to reject them or simply to laugh, they'll now be intrigued and willing to talk things over. In fact, if there's any challenge you'll be facing, it's to keep yourself from moving too swiftly or making hasty decisions that you'll later regret.

Pacing is very important during 2004. There are two reasons for this. First, with the inventive Uranus only just having arrived in the visionary Pisces as 2003 came to an end, others - those around you who are less inquisitive - will take some time becoming accustomed to this new viewpoint. Secondly, you'll want to reconsider your options as well. Now that you know that certain inventive ideas are unlikely to run into obstacles, you'll find that you want to set your sights higher.

This process is an important one and comes to a peak around the time of the Gemini New Moon, in mid-June. That, combined with your ruler Mercury's encounter with the most practical planet of them all, Saturn, in late June, should set you up perfectly to discuss ideas for the future.

During this period you'll be focusing primarily on the structure of your life, your domestic set-up and what works there, your activities out in the world, what you want to achieve, what you're still hoping to experience and your long-term goals.

As the year moves on and, in late September, the expansive Jupiter moves into the portion of your chart that has to do with love and life's pleasures - on 25 September - to be followed a few days later by Mars and your ruler Mercury's arrival there, your attention will shift abruptly from what you must do or organise and the practical side of your life to what you love doing and those you care about most.

From that point on you'll be exploring your options, thinking about creative activities - those activities that make you glad to be alive. You'll also be thinking about who and what you love most. You may have romance very much on your mind or perhaps you'll be focusing on children.

During the year's final third, after the focus shifts to these most pleasurable elements of your life, you'll be working to achieve a balance between these two. This may take some time simply because you'll want to explore your options and, again, the wise Gemini will avoid making hasty arrangements or jumping to conclusions, assuming that what seems a good idea is actually the best one. Rather, you'll enjoy the process of exploration, learning as much about the people around you as you do about circumstances.

You'll also want to wait, simply because the developments promised by Jupiter's rare and fantastic aspect to the visionary Neptune, on 29 November, could bring events, developments or perhaps ideas that will not only transform situations, but could bring an entirely new variety of happiness into your life.

Whatever shape this takes - whether it involves another person, an activity or perhaps even study or travel - it will be worth waiting for.

Knowing that, view 2004 as a year of personal exploration and development, and not only will you find yourself the richer for it, you will have formed a foundation for great happiness in the years to come as well.

For Those Who Understand... a vague explanation of each of the planetary aspects would be welcome;):

Sun Sign: Gemini
Rising Sign: Scorpio

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun position is 18 deg. 30 min. of Gem
Moon position is 11 deg. 42 min. of Aqu
Mercury position is 11 deg. 07 min. of Can
Venus position is 10 deg. 56 min. of Tau
Mars position is 0 deg. 26 min. of Leo
Jupiter position is 16 deg. 38 min. of Pis
Saturn position is 5 deg. 39 min. of Can
Uranus position is 23 deg. 52 min. of Lib
Neptune position is 7 deg. 58 min. of Sag
Pluto position is 4 deg. 04 min. of Lib

Element: Air
Mode: Mutable
Ruler: Mercury

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