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Spacious Loft Living Schweetie Mwah!!

Unpacked a LOT of stuff yesterday...all of my vampire books, most of my 'costumey' clothes, cds, videos, computer...

missbumpkin arrived at 5pm and we sat in the loft tickling Chloe, listening to Nick Cave and going through my old record collection, then shifted the dressing table upstairs from the hallway outside the bathroom. It's looking very like a room now - everything in it's place - apart from about eight bags of random 'stuff' that I don't know where to put. Think I need more bookshelves.

We went out to the Nowhere for a pint at 7pm, and then via The Spice Merchant for takeaway curry whilst getting a nice bottle of italian red from Threshers opposite along the way...

OH MY GOD YUM!! For a vegetarian set meal for two people there was SO MUCH FOOD!!
(Dad was rather jealous, as he loves curry and mother doesn' I filled him a plateful)...

We had huge amounts of vegetable korma and vegetable balti, sag aloo, two huge vegetable naan, two popadoms, three bhajis, two samosas, two lots of pilau rice and some yummy pineappley sauce thing to go with the bhajis...

It was TOO MUCH - and now my fridge upstairs is full of the leftovers for a cold curry lunch later hehe...

So we had the bottle of wine as well, and went to bed at about 10pm - rather early I know, but I'd been up since midnight-ish from the day before...22 hours!! missbumpkin slept in one of the spare rooms and I had my first sleep in my 'spacious loft living' room upstairs... It's a fold-out futon double sofabed, and I'm not too keen on the bumps/buttons in the mattress but I suppose I'll get used to it...

Plan for today? Don't know yet. Must have a cat-nap in the evening then back to work at 9pm.
Oh joy!

Chloe aka C or C-Bag:

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