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Man cannot live on bread alone...butter or margarine helps (as does a tin of beans)

I've been up since 1am again - my sleep routine is well and truly screwed lol!! Been falling asleep round about 2ish every day, sleeping till 9pm or later...

(still a bit ill - just gone to my chest now)

Anyway, I made more bread. Yesterday I made a Seed and Honey Loaf, and this morning I made a Malted wholewheat brown loaf...

Man may not live on bread alone...but I am lol!! It's just too much fun...measuring out the ingredients and pressing the button and...

Four hours or so later... LOAF!!!

This machine is truly fantastic, and I'm so glad I suggested it as a birthday present from my mother back in June lol!!!

Panasonic SD253 Breadmaker with Nut Dispenser

Simple things...

In other news, I got bored with my fringe. I've bleached it's now an orangey/browney/blonde mix instead. Plan is I'm going to dye it a rich ruby red or something...and eventually grow it out and keep bleaching it so I end up with the lovely long bleached sections I used to have in my mid 20s...

I only had it cut as a fringe because it was f**ked from overbleaching before, and wouldn't take anymore. Now it seems to be able to cope hehe...

(Gawd, I get bored with my hair so quickly lol!!)


Update: 13:07pm

I am at my parent's house, sorting out all the stuff in my room upstairs...

My fringe is now a strong rose red (Directions) with dark tips. Looks damned good hehe...only everything else is pink now, including most of my left hand - so I've painted my nails black to hide 'some' of it...still looks funny though;)

Ok, off to go through book bags and hang up clothes.

*wanders off with new hair-colour and feeling like a rock star*

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