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I am turning into David Brent...

*does the toothy sneer*

I was asked to describe 'consistency as a manager' last night - and described it as akin to riding a'd get thrown off and things would go wrong if you suddenly started giving the wrong signals, eh?

*hides in shame*

I'm blaming the fact that I'm ill...slept until 9pm last night and rushed to work in a sweat - spent the entire night dosed up on Panadol and strepsils...found that the extra strong tictacs are nowhere near as strong when you're congested and stuffy and your throat is raw...

So now, after a full nights work (during which, incidentally I discovered that I'm the fastest keyer on our shift - top of the rankings on everything but accuracy, where I'm eighth out of 100), I'm wide awake, drugged up to the eyeballs on paracetamol/caffeine and am doing tons and tons of laundry so that I can bag it and shift it.

(I have a theatre wardrobe's worth of clothes for all occasions - mediaval, victorian, blah de blah...)

Between the hours of 7am and 7:50 I have created another carload of stuff to shift already - random kitchen things, art things (easel is folded and bagged), clothes bags etc. Ideally I'd like to move stuff today, but my mother is in mortal fear of my lurgy, so I probably won't be able to. See how I feel later on.

I'm about halfway done with moving...just the half that is left is all over the place and needs a lot of sorting out. Got to get it all done by the 27th and I'm running out of time...

I also have to ring my mobile company today - as I owe them rather a lot from a month back and they messed up my repayment arrangements. Arses!!

*having a coffee break then off to shift art stuff downstairs*



I am up at my parents having shifted a full carload. (*shudder*)

I've now got to move it all up to the loft - but not until I've had a cup of tea. Bit knackered and back achey... Mother is stressing that she wants to go to the caravan for 3 weeks - which will totally leave me in the lurch *some of us need a holiday - some of us are stressed and haven't had a holiday in aaaages* blah. Handy!!

Got a headscarf tied over my head pirate/edina style and sunglasses on - look ridiculous but it's keeping the hair off my face. Going to put up the easel and unpack some things properly in a bit - that way I can bring back empty bags/boxes to stuff full of more gubbins...

*sips tea and thinks about more liftage*

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