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*rubs eyes*

half past five and i
overslept well i went to
bed at


Had breakfast cereal and a coffee in the canteen at work last night.

Work playlist was as follows:

Dead Can Dance : Wake
Depeche Mode : Singles (can't remember title...has 'stripped', 'a question of lust' etc on)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds : Let Love In
Murder Dolls : Beyond the valley of the...
Nine Inch Nails : The Downward Spiral

As you can got louder throughout the night, mostly as an attempt to keep me awake:/

Got a lift home at 6am...nearly drove over a pigeon that wouldn't get out of the way...

...reminded me about when me and my sister were about 6/7 and dad drove over one...mum told us that pigeons were very resilient and had a special ability to make themselves go floppy if that ever happened, so they could just lie there for a bit, then recover and fly away when they felt better...we believed her for years...

Stayed up and watched The Hoobs till about 8am, had sweet & sour noodles and tuna as a snack, then went to bed.

As you can tell, I only just woke find my flatmate had left the comp on in this stiflingly hot weather...trader mode in EQ for hours and hours and still nothing has been sold!! LOL!! Got a free mod-rod tho...

I need to go get a coffee...

NEWS: There is a Black Catz night in Tramps THIS Friday. 10pm to 2am. 2 quid on door before 11pm. I won't be there myself (working) but the next one after that is Saturday 30th August, and I'll be there then...

How evil are you?


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