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Physical and Mental Exhaustion!

Bloody computer PSU blew up last night - had to go and buy a new one. Now it sounds like I'm sitting in an aircraft hangar lol!!

I went in town at 2:30 after crappy sleep...spent all night at work writing lists of who I need to contact about moving...

Got in about 3pm and picked up prospectuses for PCAD then went to Fulfords.

Situation is, I've given my notice in writing that I will be gone on the 27th August. Flatmate is going to have to sort out guarantor/rent situation etc...this is going to be hellish to arrange, but it must be done. Force certain people to take responsibility rather than pile it all onto me as has been the case for the last few years.

Fulfords weren't especially helpful due to legalities, but the woman I spoke to was sympathetic at least. Joint tenancy agreements are a pain in the botox:(

Going to notify the bank and all I've listed (as much as is possible)tommorrow/thursday...dangerously close to going over my overdraft again but at least it will be just this month and then it shouldn't have to happen again.

I'm boxing up the contents of my bedroom to shift to mothers on Sunday...then I can relocate the things I have in the other rooms into there to move them out of carload by carload...hopefully everything will be gone by the end of the month.

My mother has been on the phone lots, sorting various things out, and has been out and bought me a kettle, washing up bowl and kitchen things for the loft - which is a HUGE open floor space with a kitchenette in the corner and its own phone line. Can't wait to get settled there - be able to deal with things from a distance if I really must.

(which I hope I won't)

With all this, I missed my writers group...didn't have anything to read anyway - head too full of finance/moving problems and stuff...

I'm dog-tired, but after a month of hard effort at least I'll be able to relax again and get things in order after so much hell.

Tommorrow should be a break though - picking up a front door key from the parents and we are going out to see 'Miss Saigon'. I also have a half-day holiday from work which I won due to my unbelievably fast typage skills (75wpm on a good day) so I don't have to be in till 2.20am. Will probably go back to the parents after the show and have a bit of time out.

*nice cup of tea and a sit down*

Btw, American Psycho is still boring me and I've only got a quarter of it left to go. Less in fact. Michele is lending/giving me the dvd of the movie...perhaps that will be more entertaining?


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