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Heavy Electricity.

Sunday night through to this morning (Monday) I was hyper as hell.

Couldn't get to sleep till past 8am when the sun was up and the seagulls were screaming. Had some fantastically gruesome ideas for photos in the early hours too... What can you do with raw bloody liver?

Answer: Fake a womb prolapse for a photo of course!!

At least now I know why I was unable to settle - terrific great thunderstorm this afternoon...reason why I had no phone signal from midnight till 4pm.

Couldn't go out to see my parents this afternoon either - they've gone to the caravan for the day with my sisters so I can't give my dad his present till later in the evening round 9pm before I go to work.

Not that I'm really in the best mood for being jolly anyway - I have bills to deal with on the phone (NO SIGNAL!!) that arrived this morning and are too late to do till tommorrow now. I'm not in a position to pay them right now either due to older debts over the last two years which were not of my own accruing - I paid my share! - but I have borne the weight of all this time. Not very successfully.

I'm moving out to force this issue and I'm at rock-bottom financially just at this moment.

To this end, I am off to Fulfords first thing before I go to my writer's group tommorrow at 2pm - give my notice for my share of this burdensome flat and all who sail in her at the end of the month. Cut everything loose and get out of this situation.

Have been on the phone to my mother (when my signal returned) and have discussed furniture and things - what I need/will leave behind. She is very understanding and I am grateful.

But I'm still not in an incredibly good mood.

I'm also very bored - and I'm feeling very jaded indeed.


I'm halfway through reading 'American Psycho', since I have had nothing else I have been able to do today. Today has been a day of thwarted plans.

Whilst the dialogue does seem to enjoyably jerk and jolt me in and out of banality/brutality, I'm still waiting to find something truly shocking/uncomfortable.

Maybe I've read and dreamt too much seriously grotesque and graphic stuff, and seen too much online and in books/magazines already (vampire sado-masochism and far far worse real stuff; this is a favourite...and this is pretty gross too!) - but it's reading to me like 'Frasier' slasher fic -

'Niles goes nuts in NYC'

Hope it gets better. I'm already past halfway.

Well, the thunderstorm hasn't fully cleared the air like I hoped it would - and I've had to take Nurofen Cold'n'Flu for a stuffy headache...but at least it gave me a genuine scare for half an hour and made me electricy-tingly.

*grumbles, sips coffee and goes back to the book*

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