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Where is my silver-covered copy of 'And The Ass Saw The Angel'???

Three o'clock in the morning - and I'm suffering insomnia.

Ever have one of those nights when you just CAN'T sleep because your brain has gone into overload and you are unable to shut it up?

I've been searching for the last three hours for a particular book - I know it's in the flat somewhere in a random pile of random things...and I can't find it. I have SO many books and so many things, and I'm trying to sort them out to move to mothers. I suppose it will show up when I least expect it - but it's plagueing me as to its whereabouts still.


My brain is doing overtime because I've spent the best part of the evening painting as into a creative spin and came up with an acrylic-y mess from this sketch in my pocketbook that I scribbled in 20 mins in the Dev, Camden during my London trip for my birthday:

As usual, my stupid webcam hasn't shown the intensity/depth of colour in the painting itself, especially with the reds and blues/grey-blues or with the finer details, but here ya go:


The Full Picture (30cm x 40cm board):


In other news, I'm off up to my parents today (after I've contacted Fulfords about moving) as it's my fathers birthday.

My father is a wonderfully kind and supportive man whom I love very dearly - he's always been there at my theatre performances, orchestra, cello solos and choir concerts (even travelling to London when we sang in the Royal Albert Hall)...taken me sailing and painting when I was little...let me sit next to him on the church organ and turn the pages...inspired a love of pompous organ music and classical/jazz etc etc... And always helped me move backwards and forwards to Liverpool and everywhere else without complaint - rather a sense of fun at escaping mother and going on a big adventure...

He's fantastic - and slightly nuts. Typical mad music teacher...

Bit of a public schoolboy twit - think 'Charles Hawtrey' in the Carry On films and you almost get the picture;)


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