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It was three weeks before VG stopped her chatter and realised all her friends had dropped dead.

Got into town yesterday around 3pm - saw Maggie down at the Art Garden Cafe and sat with cup of tea and lovely black gel roller pen to write Caligari's card. I love those pens - so scribbly inky...great for doodling with.

Went up to the Minerva at half four, and Caligari met me at 5pm. I was *so* glad that the book I gave him for his birthday was not one he had already...(big sigh of relief)...and my choice of card seemed to go down well. It was the only one in the shop that really made me laugh lol - cards seem so crap these days!

We had a good long chat and I had to go at ten to six to meet missbumpkin at the Arts Centre next door to watch 'The Cat's Meow'.

The Cat's Meow (12A)
Dir. Peter Bogdanovich, Canada/UK/Germany, 2001, 110 mins.
Cast. Edward Hermann, Eddie Izzard, Kirsten Dunst, Joanna Lumley.

Film historian and director Bogdanovich returns to the big screen after an eight-year absence with this comic whodunit, based upon one of the juiciest scandals of the silent cinema era. A contemporary stellar ensemble conjures up the celestial celebration aboard the yacht of media mogul William Randolph Hearst one day in 1924. Guests included Hearst's lover, actress Marion Davies (Dunst), Charlie Chaplin (Izzard) and legendary Tinseltown gossip columnist Louella Parsons. The party ended with one guest dead - or murdered, and afterwards nobody seemed too keen to talk about the alleged affair between Davies and Chaplin. Although structured like a classic country house mystery, at its heart the film is a fond tribute to the jazz era in cinema's history.

Read More on IMDB

I did rather enjoy it - the costumes were gorgeous - all that black jet and feathers 1920's stuff. ME WANT!...but I didn't find Eddie Izzard all that believable as Charlie Chaplin...watching the story, the name became unimportant...

Joanna Lumley, however, was UTTERLY fantastic - that woman can seriously act even with just her eyes - just an eye movement can convey a hell of a lot of opinion lol *sickjealous*...and if it weren't for her outstanding, nay perfect, performance I don't think I'd have been as engaged with the film as much as I was.

Well, after this diversion we stomped up to Jake's for spicy beanburger yum - but they'd run out!! We had to make do with veggie sausage and hash brown roll instead. Bumped into one of the stagehands at theatre while we were in there too.

Got up to the Nowhere somewhere round half eight (I think) and missbumpkin and I sat on the pavement outside, drinking beer (me) and double g and t (her). Caligari was still up there, waiting for a friend, so we chatted for a bit, and also to Ali - who teaches TEFL.

We were supposed to be meeting bringmestars at the Scholar at eleven - but she was in a new orleans bar at warner village on a hen night...and came to meet us at the Nowhere at eleven instead. Which was just as well, as I'd met a friend of mine that I'd not seen in well over ten years...since 1993 in fact!!

It was at this point I got a bit unnecessarily noisy and crude...and I feel I have to apologise. Blame the beer - I'd already had about 3 or 4 pints by then...

Julie is loud old punk friend who I first met when I was fifteen/sixteen (1989?) and who I used to sit about with in town all day drinking red label chunderbird and speeding/being hyper anyway and going out to Charlies/Connections etc in the evenings... She used to have a foot high red mohican and black/red stripy jumper, face full of metal even eleven/twelve years ago...

We spent hours raucously reminiscing (sorry to all in catchment area of our banter) she used to charge a fiver to tourists for BIG my hair was when I went goth and how elitist we were...the silver goblet/death cigarettes stuff...and remembering my natural hair colour even when I was in my 'glammy' phase... What happened to John Lee and loads of other we can't get our heads round neo-goth kids calling Sam 'Mummy Sam' as we remember her when she was sixteen/seventeen before she even moved to Plymouth...blah di blah...

Julie and Kiz came down to Voodoo Lounge with us at eleven when bringmestars and Andrea arrived... I was VERY drunk by then and we kept yelling 'TOUCH ME I'M SICK!!' (Sonic Youth - ahh how we loved you!) and singing Echo Beach, Holiday in Cambodia, This Corrosion...and doing sisters of mercy charades - guess the song through the arm movement...(though I must admit temple of love is a bit obvious...the way we used to do it/I still do lol)

I was a bit knackered come 1am - and was flagging a little - but we still stayed sat outside till 2am, when missbumpkin, bringmestars, Andrea, Tim and me left to go and get garlic mayo potatoes... They didn't have any, so I didn't bother, then we walked up the hill, we said our goodbyes and I got a taxi home.


Have been asleep all day - mightily hungover... I must have had about five pints of bitter come the end of the evening. Caligari is back off up to London today...was damn good to see him again and catch up with things a bit *hugs*.

Today I shall mostly be in recovery. Think I might have a quiet evening in and read a book/do laundry. I do, at least, have to go out and get some milk - not enjoying this black coffee lol!!


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