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Too late for Breakfast at Tiffany's - how about Coffee at Cafe Rouge?

I have had a fantastic day!!

Met Simon and Shauny in town...picked up a LIFESIZE CARDBOARD CUT-OUT OF AUDREY HEPBURN (which I won) from MVC... We spent all afternoon carrying her round town and getting funny looks!!!

Payday! So I've had my one day of shopping fun then it's back to accounting for the rest of the month. I've decided that I need to move back to my mother's house at the end of this/next month...get my bills back in order and save some money. She's actually very supportive of it - perhaps she's thinking of all the cooking I can do for her and cat-sitting when they want to go away?

Rather looking forward to a large studio flat in the attic where I can actually get some undisturbed sleep and have my own space at last...


Did birthday shopping for my father (Monday- box set of classical music) and Caligari (Wednesday - not saying what, and I don't know if he's going to be down here to collect it or whether I should post it as I've not heard from him in a couple of weeks - must be busy:/) Also got myself a rather lovely skirt for twenty quid, a copy of American Psycho and Jack Kerouac's 'Big Sur'...oh and an ABSOLUTELY HUGE picture book : 'Exhibit A' - Images by Guy Bourdin.

Book Description
Guy Bourdin's surreal and erotic imagery filled the pages of international fashion magazines in the 1970s. His revolutionary ad campaign for Charles Jourdan shoes fascinated readers with photographs as provocative and edgy today as they were almost three decades ago. Bourdin's influence on modern photography is sweeping and far-reaching-yet he died in 1991 without ever having published a collection of his work. Now his son, Samuel Bourdin, working with creative director Fernando Delgado, has created this gorgeous overview of some of the finest images from his father's legacy. The powerful images are accompanied by a foreword by writer and critic Luc Sante, and a biographical essay by Michel Guerrin, photography critic of Le Monde.

Took TEN rolls of film to Boots to be collected next week (London photos) - can't afford to get them put on cd, so will scan the best at my mothers house instead.

Simon bought tools to do something untoward with Jessica (his car), and Shauny bought HUGE blue paper eletric lights for his room...

We took Audrey for coffee in Cafe Rouge, then, after more wandering round shops, took her home in a taxi with a very 'humourous' driver...

Knackered now, and I'm doing overtime tommorrow morning (following tonights shift) till 10am.

If I last lol!!

Tommorrow I'm going to see 'The Cat's Meow' at the Arts Centre and having a quiet evening in teh pub afterwards;)

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