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Sunlight kills a Troll - it turns them to stone... *fear* *checking for green scales*

We got let out of the workhouse early!

Probably just as well, as I am rather tired... Spent from 5pm til 9pm at the Art Garden Cafe last night; Nick was having a storytelling evening (Stone Soup), and I went along to listen/help out.

The cafe was packed with lots of children aged 4 to 11, and their accompanying adults, and we had stories from Arabia, China and all over...trolls and wizards and wise judges... I think I had just as much fun as did the children listening hehe...

I was also rather busy though - helping Maggie behind the counter, making cups of tea/coffee/milkshakes/juice and cheese/bacon toasties and the like...lots and lots of dishes too.

Walked up to work at 9pm and got there to find I was on duty obs all night...and I'd forgotten to bring a book or any music to listen to. To make matters worse there was no sight anywhere of the Guardian G2 supplement or the Independant so I could waste time doing the crossword:/

Sat and stared at screens all night...lots of stats and logging and schtuf...

Still, I'm out of there now - going to go to bed. I have house-type stuff to do tommorrow - but might pop down to theatre in the evening to catch up with Ralph. DevilRiders are playing in the B-Bar from about 9pm, but I have to go to work at that point. Bugger!!

Next Wednesday I shall be watching 'Miss Saigon' at the Theatre Royal with sisters and parents for my father's birthday (although his birthday is on Monday).

My mother left me a guestbook entry to remind me about his birthday, but I already knew, since it's two days before Caligari's and I'm off to do present shopping on Friday. It's HER birthday that I can never remember lolol!!

And on a 'female' note - these drugs they've given me seem to be working - suddenly no extreme gut-wrenching, puke-inducing 'I want to curl up and die' pain (just a dull ache), no PMT = no miserableness/neediness/depression-y low etc etc etc! RAR!!!

*mumbles something about a cup of tea and wanders off to hug Snoopy tight*

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