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Needing to learn discipline... (oo-er!)

missbumpkin stayed at mine last night - had my single bed whilst I slept on the floor. Peculiarly, it was the best sleep I've had in a long long time and the only reason I am awake posting now is I am back in my own bed and woke suffocated after strange dreams... Perhaps I should go back to the floor?

We got out of the house yesterday at about 2:30...went to the Art Garden Cafe for coffee and to see Maggie for a chat, then went to Subway and had yummy 6 inch sandwiches up in the Elizabethan Garden. Went to the pub for a pint and then to the Arts Centre to see this film:

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…and Spring (15)
Dir. Kim Ki-duk, S. Korea/Germany, 2003, 103 mins, subtitled.
Cast. Oh Young-soo, Seo Jae-kyung, Kim Young-min, Kim Ki-duk.

Korean director Kim Ki-duk takes a surprising change of pace from his previous work with this profoundly spiritual and beautiful Buddhist fable. A temple floats on a lake in a forest isolated from the world. A young Buddhist monk is coached by his master. Against a dreamlike background Spring, Summer… charts the life of the monk from his early days to the winter of his years, with each season reflecting a turning point in his life's journey. As the seasons pass the novice allows emotion to cloud his judgement provoking him to exhibit the darker aspects of the human psyche. Eventually the true meaning of the masters teachings are realised when the young monk is given a second chance at life and so the cycle continues.

"Sublime, witty and transcendental" - Variety

'Twas very good and left us discussing meanings and symbolism for AGES after... In some ways it was quite brutal (not just with the animals) - but that's nature - and we have also learned that women/sex lead to death/murder of the female - but sex is nature.

Seems we've had it really!! missbumpkin and I have learnt that men must be avoided because they start out inherently cruel and vicious to animals, then discover sex and kill us - if we survive past the having a child stage we are going to have to give it up back to them then die horribly anyway... while they decide the only way to deal with their anger/lust and achieve enlightenment is to hole themselves up in a remote floating hut in the middle of nowhere/retreat into their cave...

I jest!!

Actually, despite the director being Christian and only using Buddhism for the film rather than aiming to teach it, it was incredibly thought-provoking... If only with pondering on the cycle of nature/life and understanding the basic symbolism on an instinctive level.

I've just spent the last hour reading the IMDB discussion boards and I found this very helpful - as well as serving to confirm what I'd already noted and understood:

SYMBOLISM AND MEANING in 'Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom' (2003)

Interviews with Kim Ki Duk can be found here:

and here:


After this philosophical pause we went out to the Phoenix pub on Union st to catch Ralphy's band (The DevilRiders). Had a lovely bottle of Chocolate Vodka Mudshake and missbumpkin had a disgustingly cream-topped banana milkshake...covered in hundreds and thousands it was and looked decidedly sickly.

Saw Neil (with Remember The Alamo - who we didn't stick around to see) and also Matt and Jui-ehh!!! who related to me the drunken antics of her weekend...

Said hello to Ralph when they'd finished their set and missbumpkin and I stomped off home - almost adopted a lovely black/white kitten on the way who walked alongside us all the way across the carpark... Had to lose it by diving around the corner lol!! Got home, cup of tea, then missbumpkin left to visit Mark McCann's new baby at about 10:30pm. I went to bed shortly after. And really ought to go back to bed today oh joy!!

All in all an extremely enjoyable weekend...though I must learn discipline and not drink quite so much as I do. I'm feeling old and rough in the mornings suddenly lol!!

*cup of tea and back to bed I go*

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