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Ooh my aching head!!

Was a tad hammered last night...drank far far too much and had an EVIL headache come 2am...

Despite this, I had a fabulous night out with missbumpkin, bringmestars (thankyou for my tobacco present sweety, was much needed this morning lol!), alienfox, strangepixel (who is now a self-proclaimed pr0n director, with full rights lol), Spikey, Emma, Nick, Lah, Simon, Louise and all the rest...

(names evade me sometimes - only remember faces)

Looked fantastic, was very cider drunk come 8pm and went on to drink beer and vodka things all night. Too much Smirnoff methinks.

Emma and I never left the dancefloor for HOURS! Our feet were aching!! The Bolshoi, Gary Numan, The Cure, NIN (Head like a hole and Closer), Marilyn Manson, Kraftwerk, Siouxsie, Visage, Sisters (Marian, Lucretia, This Corrosion), Bauhaus (She's in Parties, Bela Lugosi's Dead, Ziggy Stardust), The Damned (Eloise), Killing Joke (Love Like Blood), Killing Miranda (Discotheque Necronomicon), Rammstein, Joy Division...far far too much to list everything here... I even fell over for the Timewarp (as you should if you do it properly - and I INSIST on doing it properly)...

Lots of arsing about and bringmestars - your nails are FUCKING PAINFUL!! CAAAAHH!!!!!

Creepy rubber guy was hanging about watching me, bringmestars and missbumpkin being girly idiots - ewww!! Had to tell him to fuck off - "This is a FUCKING GOTH CLUB NOT A FETISH CLUB!!". Freak! And alienfox got accosted by a chav twat afterwards, hope you're okay today babe:/

We walked home and had garlic mayo deep fried potatoes...YUM! And then I took painkillers when I got home...not sure if ibuprofen is a good idea when drunk but it worked. Only slightly headachey today...

*drinking coffee and slowly waking up*


Ooh look!! 'Death' film!! :


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