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To Cut A Long Post Short...You Wish!!!

Went in town yesterday and got a bit carried away with shopping!!

Did a haul around all the charidee shops in town and came away with a long black satin skirt, a long black flary velvet dress to customise with ribbons/lace etc, an utterly gorgeous black chiffon blouse with lace bands on the tummy and lower arm and long flary crumpled sleeves...and two cds - Muse: Showbiz and 'To Cut A Long Story Short: The New Romantics' compilation...full of loads of cool tracks which remind me of being at school lol!!

Heaven 17 : We Don't Need This (fascist groove thing)
Spandau Ballet : To Cut A Long Story Short
Human League : Love Action
ABC : Poison Arrow
OMD : Joan of Arc
Soft Cell : Tainted Love
Duran Duran : Planet Earth
Culture Club : Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? (YES!!!!)
Ultravox : Reap The Wild Wind
Classix Nouveaux : Is It A Dream
Visage : Mind Of A Toy
China Crisis : Christian
Kraftwerk : The Model
Human League : The Sound of the Crowd
ABC : The Look of Love
Heaven 17 : Come Live With Me
Spandau Ballet : The Freeze
Japan : Ghosts
Visage : Fade to Grey
Ultravox : Vienna

Met up with missbumpkin at 5pm in Cafe Rouge - sat drinking pineapple juice and stealing bits from her salad while we chatted...then headed off to the Arts Centre to watch 'The Saddest Music in the World'...

I honestly don't understand how people have been walking out on this - I utterly loved it... Yes, there were moments where I was a bit 'hmmm', but these were few and far between...

Perhaps it's because I *SO* love canadian humour - Kids in the Hall and that sort of I was prepared for crushing of heads, the chicken lady and people canoeing through hallways etc etc...

But I really enjoyed the basic premise - a 'eurovision soundclash hell' of all the most macabre forms of music from all over the world accompanied by cheesey explanation of what they were about (even dead babies need to learn still)... and I was probably biased on account of the 'cello...

As I play the 'cello - I was listening intently to the melodies and giggling that it was being played by a 'goth-ish' persona representing Serbia - and OMG the juxtaposition of bagpipes with Cello for the Serbia vs Scotland soundclash/heat was just PERFECT!!! It was THE BEST choice to put into combat with a cello... The godawful racket those things make (can you tell I loathe and detest those evil bags of wind?) set against the soulful and haunting sound of the string...

Bagpipes should only be used for what they were probably intended for - scaring enemies and as distress calls for lost people on the foggy moors of scotland...

Either way - I thought the 'cello based destruction that began the winding up of the film was inspired - was exactly what I'd like to do with mine sometimes - experiment with harmonics and see what I can smash by sound alone...not giving too much away I hope...

And the expressionistic filming, the changes in colour/intensity and black/white...the bizarreness of it all grabbed me entirely...and the little musical tricks that were happening throughout as well...

Sorry if you hated it. We'll just have to beg to differ.


The Saddest Music In The World (15)
Dir. Guy Maddin, Canada, 2003, 99 mins.
Cast. Isabella Rossellini, Maria de Madeiros, Mark McKinney.

From the singular mind of acclaimed Canadian auteur Guy Maddin comes a surreal and tragic-comic fairytale that entices you into a strange and wondrous world of love, lust, loss…and beer. Welcome to Depression era Winnipeg. When Lady Port-Huntley (Isabella Rossellini) announces a worldwide competition to determine which country can produce 'the saddest music in the world' people from around the world descend on the town to compete. A raucously funny and endlessly inventive film, this will delight Maddin's ardent admirers and bring his maverick genius to a whole new legion of fans.

Read some negative press...

Anywho...following this, missbumpkin and I went to Jake's for a BIG spicy beanburger - YUM!! and then to the Nowhere for a quick half before work.

Work last night was fantastic fun - it was Liz's birthday and we set her up by singing Happy Birthday when she didn't expect it...and covered her car in photocopies saying Happy Birthday when we went down for last fag break lol!!

Word on the street is - when we have a 'dress down day' on the first friday in August, we're going to come dressed as monkeys - this is not an official thing - it's a keyers protest because Peter Fenton stated recently that monkeys could do our job - which is utter crap.
I'm a Lover, not a Fighter
So we're preparing monkey costumes...personally, I'm going to paint a monkey face with stagemakeup and do a sort of 'Planet of the Apes' thing overall...easier than keying in a comedy plastic monkey mask and big furry outfit like some will do...

Btw - don't you think Helena Bonham Carter in the new POTA looks spookily like Michael Jackson??

Got home at 6:30am...have slept till 3pm. It's nearly the WEEKEND!!!!!

Don't forget Black Catz - this saturday above good companions, 3 quid to get in, 9:30pm to 2am:)


(doesn't quite grasp it really)

Word of the Day
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DEFINITION: (verb) to put side by side
EXAMPLE: It was strange to see the old-time actor Charlton Heston and rock icon Bob Dylan juxtaposed at the awards ceremony.
SYNONYMS: accompany, compound, unite

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