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(I'd like) Massage and just a little bit of ste-e-e-e e e eam....(Oh Rocky!!)

I severely ache all over... Was meant to be meeting wildgift93 in town, but she's very hungover...

I went out last night before work. 'Teetotal' trip to Voodoo Lounge with missbumpkin...met up with wildgift93, bringmestars (who should be renamed 'bringmemytobaccobeeyatch' as I have hardly any left...John, Rich, Dom, the lovely Steve from the Arts Centre, adorable_dibble, Adrian (turns out the guy I rescued with the broken leg last week was one of his workmates)...and the rest.

Danced way way way too much but can't exactly remember what to - Head Like A Hole was in there was Marilyn Manson, Sisters and The Cure...drank a pint of ale, half a lager and three bottles of lemony vodka things...ate a small box of Guylian chocolates with missbumpkin - and then went to work.

OMG!! I got away with it, but I was IN CHARGE on Duty Obs all night lololol!!! Bit 'light-headed' when I got in at 2:20am, but was coping fine by 4am...

Walked home this morning at 6am and went straight to bed, out like a light...

Now I hurt and need a hot bubbly soak. No plans for this afternoon, but missbumpkin and I are meeting in town for another filmish Arts Centre trip (The Saddest Music in the World - curious to find out why so many people have been walking out!) at 5/6pm before work... so it's girly recuperation and perhaps a chat about 'things that went on' last night hehe!!

*collapses like a crushed spider and crawls for a concoction of painkillers, vitamins and coffee*


Today's Gemini Overview
Your ordinarily lethal charm has been even more deadly -- so please stop trying to look like you don't know what that means. Work it, baby!


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