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I'm not a well girl today.

I wasn't deliberately setting out to shock the 'middle-aged' (old) ladies at Waterfront Writers next Tuesday BUT...

Nik *did* ask us to write a response to one of Keith's enamelly paintings on the walls of the studio above the Art Garden Cafe where we met yesterday...and the one I chose *so* looked to me like an orange-y red heat map cross-section of a sideview of womb/vaginal passage etc...all in reds/oranges/yellows and a bit of white with a cold greyblack stone in the centre...sort of like this which was 10 mins of me trying to approximate it for you by faffing about in PSP:

So I had this response:


Cold grey shape trapped within a warmer hue;
Old dead flesh lump inside you.
Dark heart of hot red passion glow;
I am the stone that cannot grow.

Oh dear oh dear...they're gonna love me...

But at least I was genuine in what it made me think of - not about to invent some pathetically over-wordy piece of crap about seashells or something equally dire...!!


I have a stupid rotten stuffed up head, hot-cold flushes and migrainey pain in my left eye...went home sick at 2am this morning due to the same stuffiness/achy eyes coupled with the permanently moving images on my monitor causing motion sickness (tho I also blame the savoury soft cheese roll I ate at the last break) and was very sick when I got home.

Was supposed to be going to Exeter with Jui-ehh!!! today but woke up half an hour ago still feeling awful.

I *will* be going out tonight however, soon as I've crawled my way up to the chemist for some Nurofen Cold'n'Flu I should be feeling better. Also gotta take a black/white film up there for processing...the other 10 colour rolls are going to Boots next week for the 6 day processing cd/print offer thing, so the London photos *will* be up eventually...

Bloody head cold. Nasty!!:(

*runs for coffee and ibuprofen/pseudoephedrine kick*


The example made me laugh:

Word of the Day
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DEFINITION: (adjective) with no equal; unique
EXAMPLE: Tiger Woods's victory in the Masters golf tournament by a full twelve strokes was an unparalleled accomplishment.
SYNONYMS: consummate, superlative, unrivaled

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