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Sleepy already and I'm not allowed to go to bed for another 13 hours...

I am rather sleepy tired and might grab a couple of hours snoozle before work...

Got to bed this morning around 7am, slept until 1pm then jumped out of bed and into town to the Art Garden Cafe - reason? Waterfront Writers meeting...2pm - 4pm weekly.

Read a couple of my poems ('Insomnia 5am' and 'Ophelia Laments') and listened to lots of others; Martin bought me a coffee as I was barely awake. Was done somewhere round 4pm after Nik set us homework...arrrgh!!! Need to see Maggie again soon to discuss webstuff.

Pootled up into town via The Works where I treated myself to a whole ton of new brushes, since foxeh and I had utterly wrecked the few I had on saturday night and they were well past salvage. Then a pasty and taxi home...

Sat here now, very happy indeed since Spikey managed to make a copy of Caligari's second cd compilation - my computer cd player couldn't read it to listen to or even burn - so I'm now able to listen to it on the computer without the cd drive slipping all over the place unable to find the next track!! Wahoo!!

Going out to Voodoo Lounge tommorrow night with missbumpkin as I won another half day!! Huzzah...mustn't drink so much this time...

Drinking coffee and pondering the fact I have to be awake till 6am as usual - no fair! Me too worn out from lots of walking round town!!

The \\
Last Cigarette:About 5 minutes ago
Last Alcoholic Drink:Bottle of Carlsberg - sunday night
Last Car Ride:Taxi home today
Last Kiss:Last Wednesday at Voodoo Lounge...for fun.
Last Good Cry:After 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'.
Last Library Book:Boccaccio's Decameron
Last book bought:Emile Zola : Germinal
Last Book Read:Niccolo Ammaniti : I'm Not Scared
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:La Mala Educacion : Pedro Almodovar
Last Movie Rented:Dog Soldiers
Last Cuss Word Uttered:No fucken idea...
Last Beverage Drank:Coffee
Last Food Consumed:Big stinky pasty
Last Crush:Blokey in La Mala Educacion - for about 2 hours...
Last Phone Call:Missbumpkin 5 mins ago
Last TV Show Watched:Big Brother randomly on tv at work last night
Last Time Showered:Today
Last Shoes Worn:Black suede platform heel boots
Last CD Played:Caligari's second compilation cd, now successfully copied
Last Item Bought:New paintbrushes and a sketchbook
Last Download:No idea
Last Annoyance:Blocked washing machine due to disintegrating slippers...
Last Disappointment:7th July
Last Soda Drank:No idea
Last Thing Written:Livejournal entry
Last Key Used:Flat door key
Last Words Spoken:Take care! Bye! (on phone)
Last Sleep:7am to 12:30/1pm
Last Ice Cream Eaten:Don't remember
Last Chair Sat In:Black leather computer chair
Last Webpage Visited:Yahoo Mail

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