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Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! I got liver in my tummy!

I'm stuffed.


I am unable to cook for two people...always end up with enough for four!! Need visitors so I can feed them I think...

Just ate a huge plate of liver and potatoes...



Liver and sauce
340 grams of Sainsbury's New Zealand Lamb's liver.
2 medium onions
1 big red pepper
Tin of chopped tomatoes
A little chicken bisto
Glass of red wine
Sainsbury's Herbs de Provence
Worcestershire sauce
Vegetable oil

Potato side bit
4 quartered potatoes
Sainsbury's Herbs de Provence

Chop onions (need sunglasses to stop my eyes watering), pepper, mushrooms, put in frying pan with herbs de provence, oil...
Slice and flour the liver and add to pan...fry for about 10 mins and add worcestershire sauce...
fry some more till onions etc are well done...add glass of red wine, tin of chopped tomatoes, liver blood and a little chicken gravy...
...turn down to simmer, leave for 30 mins, stirring every 10 so it doesn't stick...
...after about 30 mins...serve with potatoes and buttered bread!


Chop the potatoes roughly into 4, leaving the skins on.

Put on to boil until water is halfway gone, with herbs de provence...

When water is halfway level, turn down heat to low, cover...

...when steamed and soft enough (skins should be falling off), bash them about a bit and cover in butter. Leave the lid on, with heat off so butter melts into herby potato, and serve when liver is ready.

End of recipe

Well, I'm going to save this as a memory, so I can remind myself in the future.

I do pretty much the same to mince as I do to liver, but I serve that with oil drizzled spaghetti cooked with basil. And I use basil instead of herbs de provence with the mince. Sometimes I put chilli sauce in instead of red wine for a spicy bolognese...

I'll put a curry recipe up when I feel like cooking/eating it...but it's too hot atm.

Wish I could learn to cook for two instead of four tho...I can barely move!!!

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