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Intellectual pursuit wasted on hormonal women...

Went round to hawklord2112's house yesterday afternoon...called in on Spikey along the way to discuss another music project - I have a lot of lyrics I've written (some mopey, some not, some downright foul) and found I wrote this when I got in Saturday night...

Walk Away

How can you walk away
From a love that seemed so real
Wash all that talk away
Just as if you did not feel
How can you brush aside
The love you had for me

Leave me lying here
Crying here alone.

I'll watch you walk away
Though it hurts my heart to see
Watch as you close yourself
From our intensity
I see you run and hide
From the love you had for me

Leave me lying here
Dying here alone.

Walk away from me as if I were never there
Walk away from me as if you didn't care
You never cared -
So just walk away
Walk away.

Utter teenage drivel lol...don't know what possessed me (red wine drunk?) but it has a tune and some potential at least - will have a bash at it with bassline and stuff before I destroy it as a bad idea altogether...

Got to hawklord2112's at about fourish... Spent the evening watching Monsters Inc, which I've never seen before and was very good...then had a yummy roast chicken with bacon on top and basil/lemon inside.

Felt fat!! Thanks for that:))

Tomas went 'fishing', actually in the fish tank, as he had his fiend James over to play - the living room was an utter mess come 6pm lol!!

At about 7pm, missbumpkin picked me up in the car, which we dumped off at fart_pellet's house, and then went to the Nowhere.

Mark McCann was in there celebrating his becoming a dad...why is it btw when a baby is born the dad pisses off to the pub to get drunk and be congratulated, while the woman has to stay at home in recovery with the screaming wah??? Doesn't seem fair...

Anyway, we had a bottle of beer each and then went to the Arts Centre to catch the film... Pon arrival we discovered we still had 20 mins to spare so we went to the Minerva for another drink before going in.

The film was dead good - but neither of us had anything intellectual to say about it...phrases such as 'NICE ARSE' and suchlike spring to mind...oh, and a real HitchCOCKian thriller lolol... There were at least a couple of moments when we were trying to crane our necks round the edge of the screen/camera angle to see more...


Bad Education (La Mala Educacion) (15)
Dir. Pedro Almodovar, Spain, 2004, 104 mins, subtitled.
Cast. Gael Garcia Bernal, Fele Martinez, Daniel Giminez-Cacho, Javier Camara.

Almodovar's latest, the first Spanish film ever to open the Cannes Film Festival, is a noirish Hitchcockian thriller which enhances his reputation as one of the world's most consistent and interesting directors. Two men, one of whom is a film director, meet up in the 1980's, twenty years after they attended a Catholic school together during Franco's rule. Their stories are told using flashback sequences, both to the 60's and the 70's, and with a film within a film - a semi-autobiographical account of two teenage boys falling in love and having to contend with emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of a catholic priest. Visually sumptuous, with an intricate plot and excellent performances all round. Without a doubt one of this years most eagerly anticipated releases.

Visually sumptuous indeed!!

Following which, these lairy two girls raced back to the Nowhere - ran for the last orders bell - had another beer and greedily devoured a white chocolate flake!!

Walked home at 11pm, and have spent the day in bed today, weird dreams again...something to do with red and white roses being torn apart symbolically and the Day of the Dead festival...amongst other things. Wish I could remember...



I played so long that my hands went numb and my brain went into bullet-time... Next goal is to max out the score board...999999...was so nearly there!!!

(which is why I'm contemplating cancelling overtime at 6pm till 10pm before shift - my wrists hurt and I have a fuzzy headache)

I've just fixed the washing machine - via the outlet hole thing at the front where I found a fabricky blockage with the aid of a screwdriver...

Wasn't quite prepared for the amount of water that came gushing out though - saucepans at the ready and I still lost a bucketload through the floorboard... Went downstairs to look at my bedroom ceiling and I have a damp crucifix shape coming through the walls. For a whole ten minutes I could hear running water too...

Think its stopped now, but is damn ooky lol!!! Next time I'd rather pay a tenner to Les George to fix it again;)

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