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Last night was a bit of an 'art riot' (if there can be such a thing...)!

(well, at least until 1am when we got bored and went home lol)

Got all dressed up in net floofy skirt, ripped fishnets and big heels, black corset and bra, goffy makeup and big crimped hair...long lace gloves...RAR!!

alienfox came over at 7pm and we opened two bottles of red wine...played loud music; manson, specimen, duran duran...sang loudly along in a ridiculous voice to Tiger Lillies (Snip Snip) with the window open...posted drunkenly on livejournal...took lots of photos of Foxeh wearing my bowler hat - which he wore out for the night as well...

Then we got to taking webcam photos: see here:


Then it got which point we'd drunk a bottle of red each. I suggested getting out the acrylics and messing up a bit of mounting board I had lying about...

"Let's just lick the brushes and spit in the paint to make it runny..."

It's a lot brighter than these pics - the definition line down the side of the face is bright red and there's a red dot in the eye...


Following which, we went to the park with the rest of the bottle of red and, after an excursion to the shop for a chocolate fest, waited for Simon to pick us up for Zero's...

Got in there, arsed about some more...saw Jamie and adorable_dibble...also Shauny, Leon and all the usual reprobates...

Foxeh and I were given a card by some photographer who wanted us for a photoshoot, which I'm sure he's lost now lol!!

Even met an old goth mate of mine who used to go to Studio with me - now looking NORMAL in Chav clothes...


Was a bit bored and red wine had worn off by 1am - so alienfox and I walked along Union St to get a taxi -

*think 'I'm a Celebrity' and just smile at the chavs who stare/pass comment*

So I got in at about 2am, I think Foxy got home ok too...

I only just woke up and had to clean off liquid eyeliner that has spread all over my face, coffee, cigarette and I'm out to hawklord2112's house to get fed before a cinema trip out with missbumpkin. Bit of a civilised day methinks after the riotous behaviour last night;)

Oh, and appears to be down - bugger!! Will check later and perhaps move schtuf...

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