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Lethe and Lethargy...

Had a 'dead day' yesterday - went out at 7:30pm, no-one was in at Spikey's, so I wandered along to work at 8pm hoping to have a giggle with Leon. He'd left at 7pm.


Sat in work from 8pm till I started at 10pm, reading 'I'm Not Scared' by Niccolo Ammaniti. I was surprised at finding it on the bookshelf, as I am planning on going to see the film of the book at the arts centre mid-august.

Was damn good and I finished it around 10:15pm as I was banished to the office to cover duty obs all night.

Was rather wishing I'd brought my cds as I was sat there doing stats till 6am with nothing to listen to but the whirring of computer fans and the tappiting of keyboards...sleepy drone.

Jui-ehh!! brought me in a black bikini - looks like it will fit, but with the weather the way it is atm I doubt I'll have an opportunity to wear it in a while lol!

Left at 6am, went to bed at 7:30am, slept all the way through till 5pm of those long druggy-sleepy feeling days when you get phone messages that wake you when you don't want (mum wanted to take me shopping and I wasn't awake enough to jump out of bed at that moment - bugger!!) and then go under, hug snoopy too tight and run out of air.

It's cold and dark and rainy - my room is pitch black and airless...not good for waking properly at all.

I had hours and hours of confused dreaming about people I know and peculiar events - at one point it was to do with time-travel going wrong (I ended up having to accept that I was always going to be 30 seconds behind everybody else as it was the best we could do under the circumstances) and having to get across a cityful of thugs whilst on the run with a man who was nothing more than a talking head in a collapsed wheelchair... then I was in a theatre performance and could only remember lines from the previous production as I was playing in a similar story/character again...panic on stage...

Definately suffocating under the duvet methinks.

So now it's coffee time, the washing machine is blocked again, and I have a lot to do tommorrow that I meant to do today.

I also think I need proper food - not been eating too healthily lately, last night I had a bag of maltesers, a mint aero, a packet of cheesey quavers and chips/beans at lunchtime. And the Kenco machine coffee gave me gutache at 5am.

Roll on the weekend!!


Meme pilfered from vimster:
*covers eyes*

If you and I were alone in a room right now, what would we be doing?

(Now post this in YOUR LJ, and see what people wanna do with you.)
Go on, get creative, think of a room, think of what's in it.

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