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Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.

A tiny spider has strung a safety line between the top of my desktop microphone and the top of the is now hanging happily in the centre of my screen, sharing my web browsing, and is destroying all sense of perspective - giving me an uncomfortable 3-D feeling if I focus on it rather than on my typing.


Was feeling very lethargic and uninspired/uncreative yesterday...tried coffee, vitamins, pro-plus, everything...finally went out at 7pm to Spikey's and Gordons...

We had raspberry cream sponge and double cream with a big mug of earl grey tea and loud music (Air and GnR) up on the roof terrace.

That fixed it!!

Went to work at 9, and had a darn good night which began with Leon and I playing silly buggers with the shredder machine, and then sniffing highly toxic red marker pens...and then having a very good discussion about things with Mary...with age comes experience it seems...worked through a lot of things and found out where I keep going wrong - and how to fix it.

Mostly, I need to cut out the directorial 'whats next' brain and live more for the moment...let things happen naturally rather than permanently pushing ahead for something more - I already knew this, but its hard to put into practice sometimes.

I need to relax more - be less hectic and wanting everything at once. I need to give myself and the other party more space to be myself/themselves and utilise my free time more creatively so that I'm not permanently distracted, unfocused on job in hand and instead wanting contact with the other person - remind myself that I don't have to share EVERYTHING I do to make it valid!!

I also need to be more adult about things - sensible in relationships, and hold emotions stronger in check...not let go too easily - self protection. I can do all this - been getting better and better at it lately but still with momentary lapses. If I'm patient, it will come. I feel like I'm relearning the whole process again since being in a relationship for 10 long years since the age of 18!! Weird thing to feel 15 at 30:/

Walked home with Michele, stopping to tickle a kitty along the way, went to bed about 7:30am...

My crimpers are heating up, hairspray and backcombing in a minute... then I'm off out to the Art Garden Cafe for an evening with like-minded people and my artist/performer friends - then off to Voodoo Lounge before work.

I think my crimpers might be burning the get off the comp!!

RAR!! Definately feeling better today!!

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