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Noseybonk Alert (if you remember who that is lol!)

Went in town yesterday to cancel my direct debit for the mobile bill...done that, now I have to ring up and make alternative pay arrangements as soon as it 'bounces'.

Oh Joy!

Popped into the Attic on the way to theatre, and gave into retail therapy. I had 40 quid in a tin for a coach ticket next weekend - and so I SPENDED IT!!!

Bought a short fluffy net layered/tiered black skirt -a RAVEN one - for thirty quid...was in the sale at forty, but I haggled and Justin is lovely *grin*

Took it off to theatre with me and got there at about five. Sat with Beccy and Jane etc and chatted for a bit...Beccy is getting us all playing rounders on Friday evenings in the park - I'm supposed to be going this evening but I'm a bit tired...and I want to redye my hair with the blue/black stuff I bought AGES ago!!

Went up to A-live at 6:30. Turns out they only discussed going out in masks last week... This week, being the last session till the second week of September, we were going out in them!!


So there I am, a middle-aged confusy/grumpy old caricature/archetype mask on (the one on the bottom left of the pic), hair pulled forward to cover edges, long grey coat on with hood up...shoulder bag clutched close, carrier bag in other hand, hunched shoulders and a slightly rickety walk, wandering around the barbican, staring in shop windows and at passers-by - making kids stare and chipshop workers pass comment/make conversation but only replying with gesture. Bit of the spinster-bag lady about me lol!!

Was brilliant fun!! We were all out, eight at a time with unmasked partners in case we got into trouble... I went looking for it - in and out of pubs, peering round corners, waving at children...

Jeremy was running at seagulls with a hooter, in a scottish ginger wig and hat...bright red jacket and quite a jovial mask on -second in from bottom right...

Richard (the piermaster in the bright orange jacket, flatcap and peculiar face - top right) took lots of photos which I shall see in a month or so.

Sadly, this was all over by nine-o-clock as I had to go to I left my mask (to which I had become very attached) at theatre and went on my way.

We were using these ones from Trestle:

Got to work and Jui-ehh!!! was jealous of my skirt. She'd wanted it for ages lol!

Told her she could have visiting rights, and then had to spend the rest of the night in the office covering Duty Obs as Andy had had to go home. This was fun - worked out how to use the cd tray on the network comp to listen to my music and not waste batteries on my walkman thing... Rupert told me he was 'fluffing' the KAK figures (keyers at keyboard - rude joke the managers haven't cottoned on to) which I almost died laughing and had to explain to him what a fluffer was...

Tons and tons of post and superb strategising over huge mail queues...went home at 6am and went to bed at about 7:30am.

All in all, yesterday was a really really fun day!!

Shopping, Masks and scaring the public, strategising at work - who could ask for more!!

If you don't remember Noseybonk - click HERE!!

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