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Oh what a gay day! (I'm being sarcastic)

Tis a blustery day today...rain, wind, generally yucky...

Work last night was ok - listened to music all night and keyed rather fast. Needed chocolate though, and gave into temptation with a Twirl at half past ten. Needed it.

We have a duty obs meeting tonight about 'changes'...not sure if I want to carry on, but will attend anyway.

Been asleep most of the day today, my phone battery is low and the charger is at my mothers so I'm waiting on the bags I left to be brought over. Was going to go out this afternoon and do stuff, but I shall do it tommorrow on the way to theatre. I'm feeling quite lethargic still and have laundry things to do at home anyway.

Simon rang me - couldn't talk long because of phone battery, so will ring back tomorrow. It is a whole year since we all went to Gay Pride in London together - so much has changed...weird thing that.


Ho hum. I need (more) coffee and (another) cigarette.

*rubs eyes blearily*



Dad has brought round my bags and the phone is on charge. Mother got me a long print of the Liverpool skyline by night...needs a long frame lol!

I've been to the shop for supplies, and made some mp3s, done some laundry...still a bit achy, coffee not working. De Lien - Lost Belief is a miserable track in a good way, all roboty vocals about some robot trying to contact another robot in space "when I touch the sky at night I pray that you are still alive".

Ho hum. Do love it though. Beautiful melody in the chorussy bit above, but sad in a lonely robotty way...

Egads! Now the cd is playing Cruciform : Death of the Mortal Son - old traditional middle ages monk stuff set to piano...dark grumbly vocals...what a miserable cd I am listening today!! it just me or does anyone else think that the vocalist from Praise of Folly on the 'Mortal Wound' track on this 'ere cd sounds almost exactly like the vocalist from London After Midnight??

Having said that, I sometimes think that the Dead Can Dance vocalist sounds like Barry Manilow in places...

(just thump me)

It's the weather for miserable music anyway. Still pissing down with rain and very very dark. Methinks Autumn has set in. Bugger!!



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