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Moan, Moan, Moan, *sniffle*...

Well Mr Hansol has a fighting spirit.

While I was away at my mother's, my flatmate was industriously taking a screwdriver to the OLD powersupply (the one I replaced when it got knackered)...fixed the problem with the fan so that it spins and sounds like an aircraft again, and Mr Hansol has once again taken to the skies.

AND (interesting sidenote)- the chip temp with the working fan is 50 DEGREES cooler, and the side of the puter doesn't feel like you can fry an egg on it lololol!!!


Aside from geektalk, my boyfriend left at 1.20pm yesterday to drive back to Brum, and I spent the afternoon re-doing my Tetris score, and beating his high score on Pop'n'Drop on Yahoo. Did laundry, loaded/unloaded dishwasher, general tidy...

Was thoroughly bored by 8pm so made a few phone calls and went out.

Walked from mothers down to Spikey and Gordons house via Mutley Plain, which took 45 mins, stopping via Safeway for food where I bumped into Mike - apparently Rod had everybody out on the barbican streets in masks last thursday evening and I MISSED IT!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!...

Sat at Spikey's drinking tea and arsing about with the videocamera - Gordon lounging on the sofa, big boots and old glammy band posters...then went to work at 9:30pm.

Was dog tired at work, and mopey miserable all night for no reason as I've been struck down with the female condition (OW!)... I hate how my hormones make me feel low like this, but at least I don't get angry and start smashing plates lolol!! It just makes me want to/feel physically like crying even though I don't have a reason/don't understand why...and I need lots of hugs too. Hopefully my new 'drugs' (girls know what I mean) will fix it in the long run.

Aimee and I are probably going to quit doing Duty Obs, as Richard is doing a hostile takeover bid though Aimee and I have always run it. LEON WE MISS YOU!!! There isn't the sense of team there used to be - its lads versus us. Fuggitt, we've both been doing Obs for so long without any thanks anyway so we may as well quit.

My boss got in a shitty with me for the last half hour or so...I was falling asleep at the keyboard - properly asleep - and because I am sat in a very visible position (i.e. next to her) I can't get away with it like some people (Haddock, I mean you!)...

She yelled at me about not being fit for work, and sent me home 5 mins early at the end of shift. COW!!

Shared a taxi home with Dave, and went to bed at about 7am...

Was woken again at 10am by a visitor to the flat for my flatmate, and then went back to bed again at 11am...slept since then, apart from being woken with a phone call from mother to say that they'd got home at midnight, and not to come up to collect the stuff I'd left for today.


Hot, tired, gutache and stuff to do - need to make bread - no money=no food, chequebook-shopping for supplies and all that, though my gut hurts too much to stand up at the moment - currently running a nice hot bath to take away the pain...


Sometimes I hate being female.

*need cigafeee*


(pasted across purely from the subject lines of spam mails, as they arrived in order!)


Wrinkling his face, he
caligae walked off die
people disfigured him, he
ocean? Look, it's filling
I'm not informed, comrade
Never again!' croaked the
midshipman,JVGI - Huge news and st0ck will explode on Tuesday

And an hour after
Azazello's mug twisted with
Something told Poplavsky that
At that moment round-toed
On the strength of
because, as Varenukha sometimes
his glory! But what
window, found herself outside
and, peering at those
made Pavel Yosifovich shake
himself consisted in the
the years AD 69-70,

Kosarchuk he had perfect
The cavalry ala that
white shirt dark with
audience in the house


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