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TETRIS AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! (yes, another tale of woe)

Still at my mother's house - still with no computer at home...will probably be wednesday or so until I am back online proper...

Till then, yes, hardcore gaming - by which I mean Tetris DX on my GBA sp. Some clever pershwun (yes, my dear, I mean you) managed to accidentally delete all the data on my cartridge (AAAAAAA!!!!) and so my top score of 569,000ish is no longer there.

I'm now rebuilding my Tetris ranking from scratch and am currently at 282697 on marathon - going to be a while till I'm 'back in the zone' lol!!

In other news, I've had a wonderful weekend, which included going to Mount Edgcumbe for beer and a wander, a hike on the moors and driveabout, dvd watching etc etc.

*me happy*

Off to work tonight, been awake since about 8:30am, so I'll be falling asleep at my desk most likely;)

*stomps off for coffee and another blast of blockbuilding*

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