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Bleary-eyed but happy nevertheless...

Went to bed at about lunchtime yesterday, then got up again at dressed up and went out...

My wickle sister didn't meet me to come to the party...she'd been on the beach all day and got sunstroke/dehydration...I advised her on the phone to drink orange juice with a teaspoon of salt plus a teaspoon of sugar in...tastes yucky, but if you've nothing else about it helps with salt loss due to dehydration anyway. Poor lass!!

Party was a real laugh...we all played a game where each person chose a random letter so that we had a list of letters...then had to put words to each letter to make a rude sentence...

Naturally, I won because my sentence was:

'Biologically Enormous Zebras Fuck Senseless Random Nubile Lionesses Describing Anal Undulations'.

Ah ha!!

Then I won an 'eye mask' in the raffle which I might cut eye holes out of and add feathers...or might just keep it for sleeping during the day if it's too bright. Probably the latter rather than the former...

Then I won a 'Horny Toad' when we played a card game with a pack of cards that had pics of naked men on...they were all hideous tho...not much to look at facewise either *snicker*

All the usual underwear was passed around...rather nice corset...but £50!!! (will go to the shop to look at corsets if I wanna spend *that* much lol!)...and then on to the 'toys'...

Comments such as 'that one looks like it belongs to KITT (KnightRider's car)...and 'that looks a bit medical'...and 'gawd if u used that you'd be worn away within a week. Ouch!!'...and 'put it on the floor it goes in a circle!' etc etc...were bandied about...but I'm sure quite a few were ordered despite derogatory remarks to the contrary...hmmm...

Then it was over. Went online for a bit...the majority of people left, then the rest of us went to Zero's.

Played a game of pool...I potted 3 balls!! I'm usually crap at pool...but I think the left-handed approach certainly helped...that and I was visualising the dotted line you get on computer pool games...which helped me line up shots lol...

Got bored in Zeros after we won (girls vs boys) so we all went up to the Hoe to wander around by Tinside pool for a good couple of hours...walked all over...then wandered off down to the beach for ages...decided we should all meet up down there next week for an all night barbecue/party...

...then wandered back up again to the citadel and stood by Si's car for half an hour debating where to go...moors...graveyard (me)...central park...beach...

...ended up going back to Leon's and causing havoc in the chat rooms online. Twas fun...

...but had a pounding migraine and gut-ache (*that* type, oh yes:/) and even an ibuprofen (500mg) didn't fix it. Felt awful. Shauny was tired and wanted to go home, then Si dropped us home, me first, Shauny after, at about 3am. Went straight to bed and curled up with my snoopy to help relieve the pain...fell straight asleep, had peculiar dreams about having to go into a world called 'the tunnel' to rescue someone who had been sent there for some reason by some female gang baroness or something...

...woke up about half an hour ago, had a cup of tea and now I'm here... liver later (yummy...replace that iron lol)...then going to work (yuck) at 9pm! Joy!!

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