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First Class Soundtrack! (if you'll pardon the dodgy pun)

Was on dutyobs all last night - tons and tons of mail - consequently, I got to listen to my cds all the time, but with one ear unplugged for answering the phone - wonder if they heard my own brand of 'on hold' music lol!!

Last Night's Listening

First Compilation CD
Danielle Dax : Big Hollow Man
Duran Duran : Electric Barbarella
Siouxsie and the Banshees : Peek-A-Boo
Violent Femmes : Kiss Off
Tones on Tail : Happiness
The Jesus and Mary Chain : Who Do You Love?
The Birthday Party : Mutiny in Heaven
The Bolshoi : Away
Flesh For Lulu : Vaguely Human
Diamanda Galas and John Paul Jones : Do You Take This Man
Tiger Lillies : Snip Snip
The Cramps : Sheena's in a Goth Gang
Big Black : Kerosene
Love and Rockets : Kundalini Express
Marilyn Manson : This is the New Shit
Pig : Jump The Gun

Second Compilation CD
KMFDM : She Moves in Mysterious Ways
Gravity Kills : Drown
RATM : Bombtrack
Razed In Black : I want candy (Bow wow Wow remixed)
The 69 Eyes : Lazarus Heart
Rob zombie : Dragula
KMFDM : King Nothing (Metallica remixed)
RATM : Killing In the Name Of...
Razed In Black : Oh My Goth!
KMFDM : Juke Joint Jezebel
NIN : Head Like a Hole
Thrill Kill Cult : Lucifer's Flowers
The 69 Eyes : Stigmata
Mortiis : Parasite God

Nocturnal CD1
Sisters Of Mercy : This Corrosion
The Mission : Deliverance
Bauhaus : She's In Parties
The Cult : Rain
Fields of the Nephilim : Moonchild
Joy Division : Shadow Play
Gene Loves Jezebel : The Motion of Love
Jesus and Mary Chain : Cracking Up
Curve : Fait Accompli
The March Violets : Snake dance
Soft Cell : Sex Dwarf
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds : Do You Love Me?
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry : Think about the Weather
Love and Rockets : Ball of Confusion
Alien Sex Fiend : I walk the line
Specimen : Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
NIN : Head Like a Hole
Virgin Prunes : Pagan Love song


That lot kept me very entertained till 6am!! Didn't bother with overtime, even though I could have...

I GET PAID TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! RAR!!!!!!!


vampgirl Highway
Study Hall16
Tower of Commitment64
Mt. Happiness142
Confusion Lane448
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?


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