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Not so hungover as I expected actually...

It's another 'Where have you been' since I don't remember what day I updated on last...

Ok, so Friday night I went to work and did duty obs all night...but stayed on for overtime until 10am - full 12 hour shift, so I walked home in the rain and was thoroughly knackered.

Had probably about 3-4 hours sleep and got up again, started getting ready to go to Black Catz at about 8pm...

Crimped and backcombed my hair utterly HAUGE (which it then later got rained on and collapsed a little - ho hum), went for the old modified Siouxsie-ish makeup with a pasty near-white face, tons of black jet jewelry, corsetry, floaty velvet rag skirt and pointy lace up boots...

Got to Black Catz at about 9:30, and met up with everybody...not going to list all those LJ names here - the list would be too sodding long and then there's those new people I met up with and my non-lj friends too...some of which hadn't been out for AGES!!!

Basically it was a packed out night, with much Foxy-type arsing about (using my hair as a moustache), hugging of Jui-ehh!!, silly-fun conversations with Nicky and Glenn and all the rest...

Emma and I did the 'sisters moves' as usual, though she caught me out crossing the floor before I realised on more than one occasion... Yes, we have comedy/storybased actions to all the lyrics - yes we synchronise our dancing backwards and forwards and swapping sides of the dancefloor intermittently... Yes, we're daft and we do it as a pisstake lol!

She's going to be 30 next wednesday, and Lah is taking her to Prague!! CAAAAAAH!!!

*new phrase nicked from vashe - grin*

It was also Sam's birthday...all these gemini girly friends of mine having birthdays in the same two weeks lol!! And she roared down the phone whilst I was drunkenly calling my boyfriend from the ladies loos - Oh dear - I'd *only* drunk two bottles of blue vodka by then and started on a bottle of Newcastle Brown - followed closely by another - and random sippages from Foxy's beer/Jui-ehhs!! cider and more...but I'd not eaten properly since perhaps Thursday? so I was a bit worse for wear...apologies m'dear;)

Well, the night went on, much silliness and fun was had by all and the music was damned good. New and old - full turnout all over and a packed floor all the way...

Spikey walked off home on his own - too much JD I fear... Matt Black gave me a lift home with Jui-ehh!!, Haddock, random guy and random girl in his car after we'd staggered along to Rendezvous for deepfried potatoes and garlic mayo. James Haddock (the Capt) kept trying to steal mine - drunken greedy bastard.

Got in at about 3am...loud music, finishing potatoes...fell asleep. Just woken up and removed my makeup lol!

Yes, I am a little hungover;)


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