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Random Day!!

Utterly random day yesterday...

Went into town at 3pm, saw Justin in The Attic - too many nice clothes, too little cash as usual (bleh!)...then bumped into Clara on the way to the Barbican - shame she can't come out to Black Catz tommorrow as she's doing the lighting for some christian event upcountry. I did suggest she ring them and tell them that the lord wanted her elsewhere, but I don't think it would work lol!!

Got to theatre roundabout 4:30, had a coffee and 'pan rustique' - rusty crusty hot roll with cheese, ham and pickle - yum!! Chatted to Khasrow, Lily and Kate for a bit, and then to a german guy about Leipzig, germany, and stuff...

Suddenly found myself stuck in a council board meeting for SRB6 - social regeneration... Had no idea it was happening - shows how much publicity it's been given ie. none... Watched the presentation with interest, and added my views when the floor was open to discussion...

I've been involved with a similar (but Co-op - not govt funded) project whilst in Liverpool, and I felt that some pointers were needed - not least a need for communication backwards and forwards between councillors and residents. There seemed to be a lot of frustration that ideas were put forward and rejected without any explanation/warning... And a real need to bring the community together with training provided to back up youth workers and stuff...

Twas very interesting indeed, and I was thanked for my valid points when I went upstairs to get on with A-Live.

We spent a very enjoyable evening playing with masks - learning the archetypes (did them a loooong time ago and had forgotten mostly) - I had a fool/child/victim one - poor little Gertie, slightly shy and couldn't decide what sweet she wanted... Damn good fun, and we will be working toward a performance in the B-Bar in the not-to-distant future.

Jojo was given the boot pretty much - his 'nekkid project' isn't really right for our group dynamics wise and a lot of us didn't really see the point. Didn't seem valid to be honest...

Went to work at 9pm, started at 10 as usual, but then we were allowed to log out to watch the england/portugal penalties. Dull as hell, but it got us out of keying, and england did the usual thing of getting that far and then being a letdown lol!! Nowt new there!!

Following which, I spent the evening listening to Beethovens 9th (oh, Ode to Joy how I love thee) and Bizet/Bidet(lol)- Carmen - so many bouncy catchy tunes to sing along to - my own personal prom night inside my head lol!! Then Lacrimosa - more music to grab you in your chest and bring tears to your eyes in wonderment...

Had a 1-2-1 with Liz at 3am, which lasted an hour...then home as usual at 6am.

Was supposed to go to a doctors appointment at 9:30, but thought I'd grab 3 hours sleep and consequently didn't wake up in I have to wait till 2:30pm next Thursday - grah!!

Ho hum, me need coffee, but first, me needs milk... Shoppage it is!!

Oh, in follow-up to my rant yesterday - which I see provoked some varied reactions - and I see I came across a bit harsh in some places, not that I entirely meant to lol - here's my old makeup guide under the cut:

VampGirl's Guide to Gothic Fashion

In early teenage years clown paint, black lipstick et al may seem the obvious way to go but the suggestions on this page are intended to be a rather more refined approach to 'Gothdom' based on fourteen years of experience and the inevitable mistakes that have been made along the way. Now read on...



Save the clown-white for the circus. The keyword here is 'blending'. Take the palest shade of foundation you can find and apply lightly, or blend your natural shade with a little white foundation and evenly apply that. Do NOT trowel it on; it may end up cracked and dry with your natural skin tone showing through. It is also sometimes useful to combine a little moisturiser with the foundation if your skin is particularly prone to dryness.


After applying your base use a big brush to dust lightly with some white face powder such as Charle's Fox 'Stargazer' compact or even a non-perfumed baby talc to fix your foundation.



Black rings applied using a chubby-stump are NOT advisable. Fine lines above/under the eye and some heavy black mascara after using eyelash curlers are much more attractive than the 'Drugged Panda' effect. Liquid eyeliner is best for the top lids and a soft kohl pencil looks great smudged gently underneath.


Any greys, dark greys, plum, purply colours look good applied carefully...but NOT all the way up to your eyebrow like old ladies do with the blue hehe.


If, like me, you've plucked yours away to next to nothing, then draw them in carefully with a fine black eyebrow pencil. Don't use your regular will be too heavy-looking and will most likely smudge by the end of the day. A row of small dots or jewels following the brow line above one eyebrow look very nice too.


If you absolutely MUST do swirly spiderweb patterns, 'Death' curls in the corner or whatever then remember 'Less is More'. Better to have it in moderation than look like someone drew on your face with a black marker while drunk/asleep/unconscious for a laugh.



Avoid black or blue at all costs. It is not flattering. At all. I know I've worn it...but that was at least ten years back and we learn by our mistakes over time. Far better to go for a rich dark burgundy red/plum colour or a dark browny tone which is complementary to your eyeshadow shade.


You're on your own here in terms of style. I'm a diehard 80's fan of crimping, black hairdye and bleached/dyed fringes. One word about hairdye though: if your hair is still natural I would strongly recommend dyeing it red/purple or any shade other than permanent black. My natural hair is mousey-brown...last seen aged fourteen. I've tried getting rid of the black over the years with expensive (and not-so-expensive) bleach jobs in the vain hope of going all-over pillarbox red on several occasions to no avail. I'm still stuck with black (and light brown roots - bleh!) even now. Black hairdye is a BITCH to get rid of so consider your options carefully.


Any colour, so long as it's Black. Or Purple/Burgundy Red or another dark, rich colour hehe. One rule of thumb though: Ballgowns/Medieval/Wedding dresses are NOT practical garb for everyday shopping in town and/or trips to the supermarket during daylight hours. The only possible exceptions to this might be on street carnival/Lord Mayor's Day parades etc. You have been warned.

In terms of fabric : personally I'd choose velvet for daytime and save the PVC for afterhours. Of course, a PVC corset/bra style top under a net/chiffon shirt is perfect summer apparel...just don't go overboard or you'll never get out of it alive after a hot day in town hehe.

And Finally...

That concludes my tips for (refined) Gothic fashion. If you have anything you might like to add/discuss (or have a disaster you wish to share) please join the Forum where there is a section entirely for this purpose.

VampGirl, 5th June 2002.


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