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Elder Goth Snootiness!! (digging myself a hole)

Left for work at 9pm last night and called in on Spikey and Gordon along the way...

Had a good chat and catch-up - might drag Spikey out to BlackCatz on saturday, since he's not been out for a few months. Gordon has a snake in the kitchen - I said 'badger badger (etc) SNAKE!!!' at it, and then we discussed what they're both up to band-project/sound engineering wise and then I went to work at 9:30.

Work last night was somewhat of a skive.

Got in at 10pm and spent until midnight doing 're-training'...didn't need it but it got me out of keying for a bit... Lunch at 2 as usual, then Work Time Learning until nearly 4am... Then I listened to music for a bit and got into a healthy debate *cough* with Jui-ehh!! about 'What is Goth?'.

Oh dear oh dear... I must admit to getting a little 'elder-goth-snooty'...and referred a lot to the 'socio-political' origins of the era that influenced the culture and how it wasn't the same anymore...wasn't comparable. That anyone new to it (ie. at least 4 years younger than me) wasn't 'proper goth' and had merely embraced the dress-style/old music/new media-labelled 'goth' like Marilyn Manson without understanding - like a chav wears burberry...

...and I said they couldn't be 'real goth' because they are 'goth by numbers' in Omen clothing/other labels which never before existed so I had to express my creativity PROPERLY with charidee shops (and still do). My god, I remember the days when we had to improvise white faces or mailorder - you just COULDN'T BUY the white clownpaint they sell in ALL the alternative shops nowadays. Hell, those shops didn't even exist!!

Mostly whinged that a lot of the tiddlypeeps do the 'gother than thou' thing and I don't believe they have a right to do so...

And mostly that 'goth' per se doesn't exist anymore - yes, there are now little sub-groups like cyber and stuff - which I do listen to, but mostly Nick Cave and schtuf - but PROPER original goth as an era has long died (in the UK at least) except for us old and bitter elitist elder-bastards drinking bitter/snakebite'n'black in the corner of clubs and attempting to educate the toddlers who have claimed it as their own but mostly got it horribly wrong...

Little Trothics!! (trendy gothics)

Snooty snooty me...

Jui-ehh!! couldn't really grasp what I was getting at (she's 21 and into deathmetal - but gets called goth herself - her dad listened to Nirvana when she was ickle, whereas I grew up on grandiose church organ music and classical) - so our conversation moved on to labels and how 'da kids' call themselves 'goth' because that's what society labels them due to excessive wearage of black - but how they're NOT goth really...and that goth is NOT about 'oh I hate my parents I want to slit my wrists and die in a churchyard' etc etc etc but is more educated - cheerier in fact;)

I'm rambling - but that's sort of the gist of it. Made more sense in conversation. It was a tired but audible debate because the rest of the team began discussing roots in music and such like too...


Suddenly, I feel OLD!!

Oh, if you want to read more about the 'Great Goth Debate' - then I suggest you read this guy's posts:


Fell asleep a lot between 5am and 6am, went home in sunglasses, my black hat (stop the rain leaving purple dye trails down my face) and long black coat - looked like a victorian undertaker lol!!

Sharon dropped me home and we had a good chat along the way - since we've been forced to move seats at work we can't sit next to her to talk anymore. Jui-ehh!! and I have been placed on a corner near the boss to keep an eye on how late Jui is back from breaks usually:/

Slept from 8am till about 3pm - must have been tired since being up from 10am yesterday, now I'm up and about, need a shop trip as this black coffee is giving me gutrot...

Catch you all later;)


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