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Sunday's Child is off to an Ann Summers Party...ooohh!!

A guy in my site forum brought up the subject of EGLs.

(Elegant Gothic Lolita: Japanese style thing)

Sorta like victorian girl meets Alice In Wonderland anime style...

Just found some links off google:


I'm immediately a fan!!

Reminds me of the gorgeous dress Death wears in Season of Mists...just one picture...but how I wanted that dress for years and years...

Any excuse to carry my Snoopy around in public *and* dress like my collection of porcelain dolls (victorian burgundy velvet all of em) is just...


Oh, and my stripey sock collection is just getting larger and larger...

...currently wearing long lined black concert skirt, black gypsy top, black and white stripey socks, black boots, fake black hair bow-clip, bright green eyeshadow...shows up the green in my eyes even more...

...and carrying a black plastic beyblades packed lunch box round with me as a bag lol out to a party now, YAY!!

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