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Happy Rained-On Bunny - even if EHS are a pile of wank..

Well hello there!

Bet you thought I'd died lol!

NOPE!! I've just been busy is all...

Friday afternoon was spent helping out Maggie in the Art Garden Cafe on the Barbican, then rushed packing and lugged my stuff to work.

Work on friday was a nightmare as I had to train someone new to do dutyobs - as I've been doing it 2 years nearly, I can't really explain what the things on the software screens *mean* - I just get on with it lol - so it was a 'this refers to this, sortof, and this refers to this, blah de blah' - utter headache!!

Left work at 6am, went to the coach station, arrived in Brum at 1pm after perhaps 2 hours of intermittent snoozage - wanted to beat the 2yr old boy who was screaming next to me with a brick to shut him up lol!!

Had an utterly blissful weekend with my utterly gorgeous, luvverly boyfriend which was full of playstation fun, good movies (POTC and Plunkett and Maclean - awesomely funny), drink, gaming, nettage and snuggling...very very happy bunny me!!


Got back from Brum at 8:40pm yesterday - met by dad so I could drop my stuff off home then go straight to work...

Work would have been mind-numbingly dull if it were'nt for the fantastic lacrimosa cd I was listening to over and over and over and then and then and then...

Left work at 2am this morning, up again at 10am, off to Employment Health Services at work to explain that I can't do ROI (drawing boxes round addresses) because it makes me travel sick like when I play first person games ie. I can't. They make me barf.

The EHS woman was clueless and couldn't reply to my bosses to confirm a medical opinion since she doesn't know a thing about motion sickness/firstpersongames/ROI interface etc etc.

Utter waste of time, travelled back in the rain - pissing down on me so I was soggy when I got back have to do tidying (LOTS OF) and go to the shop while the rain stops for a bit...

Blah blah...

*steps down off soapbox*

Oh, and I'm also in the middle of baking more bread - and need to change before work tonight because I'm covered in flour!!



Ok, so I got bored whilst supposed to be tidying - I now have purple hands due to dying roots, and I'm going to scare everyone at work with a pasty white face, dark eyemakeup and blue lipstick lol!!

(might get the crimpers out too...)


And I just got THE BIGGEST loaf out of the breadmaker - methinks I put in a leetle too much yeast??



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