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Water, water everywhere...

Had a half-day holiday last night, so went off home, cooked a yummy red thai curry, bunged the washing machine on and went to bed early...

Got up today, full of the joys of summer, went to the washing machine, opened the door and...


Yup, the drum is not spinning properly and sounds like it's about to die, and its not drained either. I have water all over the kitchen carpet and wet stuff in a bag waiting to be sorted out again.


Not much I could do about it in a hurry, so I went in town, sorted out the water rates arrears (now on 83 quid a month, on top of 100 a month electric, 80 council tax, 100 phone bill arrears, 465 rent, 100 loan repayment, 15 net, 9 tv licence, etceterah etceterah blah de blah...and a grand a month pay!), went to the cash exchange for repairman cash, bunged 80 in the bank to cover overdraft...

Bought Jui-ehh!! a mirror and a card for her 21st, which was yesterday but I won't see her till work tonight, then went to Argus for a new toaster, scales and a bloody great chopping board with a knife drawer.

Lugged all that home, will be making bread tommorrow morning, once I've dealt with the washing machine mess and kitchen in general - the repair man can't come till tommorrow afternoon - grah!!

Been out to the shop for breadmaking supplies - olive oil, salt, etc etc - and just eaten a rather yummy spinach and feta cheese pasty slice from Holland and Barrett.

Running a cold bath and I'll tackle the kitchen later *grin*


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