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Now We Are Thirty!!

Wheeeee!! I am back, and I am 30!!

(and I see I need to cut my nails as I can't type properly lol!)

I've had an utterly fantastic week, staying with great friends, hanging out with lovely lovely people - and it's been damn good to be able to get away from work and routine for a week and just relax, be me, and have headspace to reflect on things and make forward decisions...

(oh god, she's had a 30 yr old epiphany moment)

Well, actually I have. I've decided that I'm not going to be the reliable, professional but lets not pay her, barbican theatre character anymore - yes, I'll work with them, but on my terms and there's no way in hell I am doing panto again... AND... I'm going to be doing other stuff outside of there with friends I've had for a long long time that I really should have started working with more regularly a good while back rather than every now and then when I have a free moment outside of the barbican lol!!

Many plans, and things beginning to take shape...huzzah!!

Ok, so what have I done with myself this past week? Under the cut...

Saturday through to Sunday: Got up at 1pm on saturday, began packing at about 6pm, stubbed my toe rushing up the stairs and it went blue black and I went limpy. Ow! Stayed up all night, watched 'Hannibal' which was crap and a waste of two hours, got train at 8:30am and got into London at lunchtime.

Met Caligari at Paddington and he took me round a few of his favourite record shops - had a few drinks in a few pubs and ended up going to an indian restaurant for a curry at about 9pm... Was awake a very very long time by then and was utterly knackered... Got to bed about midnight I think. Not sure. Was rather drunk!!

Monday: Lounged about doing not much, reading a book and in recovery from travel/long stint of awakeness from the days before. Walked up to Forest Hill to buy painkillers; ibuprofen for hangover and arnica cream for injured toe - which I'd managed to roll my suitcase over the day before... Had a very nice chilli/rice dinner in the evening and some wine, rang a few friends and arranged to meet up, oh, and an hour long phone conversation with Jui-ehh!! about her weekend at the Download festival.

Tuesday: Got up at about 10am, shower, sort out clothes... Got the train to Victoria and wandered along to Westminster Abbey. Went in there, had a good look round and took some photos in the cloisters. Was very interested by the effigies in the museum and their costumes, so got a few postcards there.

Following which, I took myself off to Big Ben, photos all along the way, then down alongside the Saatchi gallery and the London Eye. Had a vanilla milkshake, was hot. Then got the tube back to Camden to meet vashe.

So there we are, 2pm in the Dev in Camden. They don't serve bitter, so I make do with a bottle of newcastle brown ale, a half of guinness, then two pints of Stella when vashe arrives. Needless to say, come 5:30 I am more than squiffy, so stagger off home on the tube and overground train back to forest hill - back by about 7pm...collapse onto the bed and spend the evening reading again.

And I saw a real life fox for the first time!! Was out in the garden, having a cigarette, and I saw her and she saw me and we stared at each other for about 2 mins... Was utterly excited by it...never seen one in situ - only ever on telly!! *bounces ecstatically*

Wednesday: OMG! I AM 30!!!

Caligari gave me Siousxie Sioux's official biography book as a present - read a lot of it in the morning, and then took myself off to London Bridge, took a photo of a Budweiser advert saying 'birth certificate, born on 9 June' lol!! Then went to Camden- again to the pub. Of course!!

Sat in the pub from half one till about 11 at night... Far too many pints of Stella - I think it was five, but I'm not entirely sure... Wrote some stuff, spoke to parents on the phone...mother wanted photos of her primary school and house she used to live in in Forest Hill...blah blah... vashe arrived at about 4pm and we chatted for hours and hours... She's really really lovely and was fantastic to hang out with. We were talking to a few other people sharing our table and generally being silly, matthewnorth arrived with Martin in tow. Claytown (formerly Claytown Troupe) were playing in the evening and he'd come up with them. Arsed about with Martin for a bit and Caligari arrived with Marcos at 9pm. The band were ok, took lots of photos of vashe and me and other people (don't remember)...then we got the train back to forest hill. Caligari got pizza for us both and I went to bed round midnight ish - maybe later.

Slept the sleep of the dead - a most fantastic birthday day indeed!!!

Thursday: *thinks* Oh yes, took the train to London Bridge. Walked along Thames Path - got invited to an opening of a photography exhibition but didn't go as I'd already made plans for the evening. Went in The Clink prison museum and took lots of photos (more??) of torture implements and displays etc... Then wandered along from there toward the Tate, over the Millenium Bridge and across to St Pauls.

Walked back to London Bridge to meet elves_uk. Went out to his house to see his wife, elfee and mother-in-law who is staying for 2 weeks from Torpoint. We had a wonderful time sitting in the garden and I got covered in catfur... Apollo and Paradox are SO beautiful and lap-sitty but very hairy lol!!

Had a delicous pasta, tomato, broccolli, cheese, garlic and mushroom pasta salad, with a couple of beers, followed by strawberries and clotted cream... Oh god YUM!!!

Said our goodbyes and I got the train back to Forest Hill at about 10pm - got back home round elevenish, went to bed knackered.

Friday: Got up at about 11am - went down to find the school my mother went to and narrowly avoided a potential arrest situation because she wanted a photo. There was a sodding games lesson going on, and I got seen and had to explain myself to teacher. If I were a bloke I'd have spent the afternoon in jail explaining that I wasn't a paedo:/

Then went to Camden - off to Argos for more films (had gotten through 6 rolls already)...then trundled along past interesting shops...taking pics along the way - got three black silk roses in BlackRose, along with a new pair of fishnets and ANOTHER pair of stripy socks - this time, fushcia and black stripe. Then went through charidee shops - got a nice dark burgundy silk long skirt and a black leather corset for about 4 quid each.

Met vashe in the pub at 1pm, had a beer and then got the tube to HighGate cemetary.

We got a little lost - lots of stunning looking gravestones - took 120 photos (oops!) - my sister rang me just after I'd found a grave shaped like a piano - to tell me how her recital went and that she'd got a 2:2 for her music degree... vashe nearly fell down a hole, and I got prickly plant stuck in the back of my trousers due to sitting on a grave covered in ivy lol...


Amazing looking tree that was SO covered in thick rooted dead ivy all round the trunk of it that the thick ivy roots and totally swamped and grown over four standing gravestones situated around it. Looked freaky as hell... Oh, and we couldn't have missed Karl Marx if we were totally pissed and stoned in the middle of the night... Not hard to find haha!!

Did however, take a while to find George Eliot, but we did.

Got lost trying to find our way back to the tube station at 4ish... Then we went back to the pub.

(Have you noticed yet how my week has mostly been pub-based? Oh dear!)

We ended up chatting to a couple of guys, one of which has moved down to Exeter (moron!)...and we had about 3 pints of Stella each. Left the pub round 10pm (I think) and got the train back, very very drunk indeed.

Saturday: Most definately a day of rest. Lounged about in the garden, Lorraine cut my fringe for me... Andrea got back and we prepared a salad for the evening. Avocado, leaves, potatoes, red onion...lots of cheeses, a roast garlic chicken and bread rolls...lots of wine...

Had tea in the evening and I saw two fox cubs chasing each others tails on the lawn outside - awwwwwwww!!!!! Then we watched 'Out of time' (Denzel Washington) (hmmm...nah!), and 'Love Actually'. Caligari went off upstairs to kill things as he'd bought Judge Dredd during the week... I wasn't expecting to enjoy 'Love Actually' since I'm not a chick flick kind of girl - would rather watch star wars, star trek, tron, bladerunner etc... But I did laugh a hell of a lot - mostly at the Billy character - whether or not this is due to the number of bottles of red wine we'd got through is a point to ponder however.

Went to bed about midnight - had to save Caligari's game for him, since he'd fallen asleep playing it. He works too damn hard. Not good.

Fell asleep about 1am myself.

Sunday: Woke up at 5:30am. Snoozled intermittently till about 9am when I got up and packed my things a bit. Went out to the shop at 1pm for milkshake, but ended up getting iced tea instead, and a bottle of red as a thankyou to Caligari for putting up with me for the week:) Hung about till 6pm and we went to the train station to get my train home.

Didn't really want to leave London at all - had such a wonderful time with my friends and the week had been really special for me - I'll miss all of them terribly!!!

I got on the train at 8:15, big hugs on the platform, and left London a little low about going, but I'd had a little private cry during the afternoon and was now focused on going back home with plans of things to do and ways of moving forward.

I'll be back!!!!


For those of you who I missed - I'll be seeing you again soon hopefully. Not going to keep me away from London for long now hehe...

Photographic evidence will follow - but as I took about 11 rolls of film and want them all on cd, I might have to wait a couple of weeks before I can afford to do it:/


So what have I done today? Been in town and got a coach ticket to Birmingham for next weekend...went down to the Art Garden Cafe, where my friends hang out... Saw Maggie who runs it - will be spending a couple of hours down there doing her dishes etc on friday... Also chatted to an artist friend of mine who exhibits there - and will get involved with the poetry nights, workshops and possibly the storytelling with Nick.

Saw Jeremy - Jojo is doing the last hour of the A-Live sessions on Thursdays now for his own (egotistical) experimental theatre... Oh YAWN!! He's encouraging them to take their clothes off. He doesn't really like me because I think that is so passe and not 'experimental' at all. Not dangerous enough. Boring. So I'm glad I'll be skipping the last hours of those sessions. Will be going on Thursdays still, I like Rod as a director, but the rest can go hang lol!!

Right then, I need a drink and to sort my work stuff out for tonight. I have a hell of a lot of friends posts to catch up on too...



Looking Forward

I hit the big Three-Oh.
I was expecting it to hurt.
It didn't.
Felt like any other day
Sat drinking -
Smoking -
Staring into Nothing.
So far.

Another decade.
Allegedly adult -
Feeling like a child -
Tripping with trepidation into
the next ten years.

I declare I shall grasp them by the balls.
Twist if I have to.
Stick up two fingers to the years now past
And step forward grinning into the new.


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