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OMG I am hot and rushed and busy and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Where was I?

Wednesday - went in town, bought stuff for college, went to the darkroom to do more prints then mounted my pic of choice and it's now displayed on the wall on the second floor of Art College till the end of July. Did the one of Shauny walking away from me down a cobbledy back lane on the barbican - ripper stylee!!

Went to work, was damn cold and Jui-ehh!! spent the night wearing newspaper!

Thursday - Got home 7am, went to bed, slept, got up at 12 - had to go to the parents to visit before I go to London on Sunday, and the grandparents and Great Aunty Norah and Len were there too... Had to sit in the living room drinking tea and eating saffron cake and making polite conversation... Before which I had been to my sister's for an hour, collected about 4 pairs of shoes (we all have the same size feet) and very very nearly beat her at pool - was down to the last ball.

Mother gave me a 'thing to take to London' - which I was initially concerned about - and turned out to be worse than I imagined, as it was a silver/purple plastic flashing tiara with the number 30 on the front. She said I could wear it clubbing. NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!! And a nice squashy grey bear, holding blue numbers which shall be cut off lol!!

Got home later in the evening, sorting out laundry, rushing like a mentalist as usual. Then to work at 9pm to key the night away...then home at 6am this morning and to bed until 2pm - then a nice hot bath to try and slow down, a quick trip out to the shop and ...


I have tons to do tommorrow before I go at 8:30am on Sunday morning. Tons and tons...might have to stay up 24hours or something...


And I haven't even packed yet!!!

*breathes and drinks and (unwise) mug of coffee*

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