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Blatant Thieving Swines...

I am still sort of fuming.

I am still quite angry, and hurt enough to have dreamt about it last night in fact.

I will get over it, and thank gawd I won't see the two theatre friends people involved for the next two weeks...

Imagine showing someone a treatment for a short film you wrote sometime back in January - 20th to be exact, treatment typed up at work on the 26th and still have it on disk...with all FULL and detailed details regarding sound effects and pacing of such, basic premise to play with for the story etc etc...

Showing them because you knew they were interested and because you trusted them to understand and appreciate your ideas and not rip them off.

They were two of only four or five trusted people who had read the full synopsis of those being a VERY trusted chap in the industry, and the other being Spikey; my cameraman...

AND THEN...AND THEN... After we've done our pieces for the Theatre Do festival in the first half and being allowed to sit in the auditorium...

(they went well - they worked - was pleased with that)

AND THEN...sitting in the auditorium whilst you see, on a HAUGE FUCKING SCREEN, your own premise (albeit visuals different after the initial minute of same cam angle, same story in a different location on a beach), but with a soundtrack you could TOTALLY HAVE USED TO LAY OVER YOUR OWN WORK BECAUSE IT IS THE SAME FUCKING IDEA AS YOUR OWN DETAILED SPECIFICALLY IN THE TREATMENT YOU WROTE BACK IN JANUARY!!!

I know full well they've only put this piece together over the last month...and in the bar after the show they both UTTERLY denied having EVER seen my treatment... had the cheek to try to tell me that the sound directions weren't in my treatment when they read it - THEY FUCKING WERE!! I SODDING WROTE IT!!!!!!!!!

And generally tried to come over all innocent and still defend their own work as original. Of course, I had to do the 'I'm not angry with you - I'm just slightly hurt and surprised'...other people I know would have torn their heads off lol!!

I am still 'slightly' sore...and rather upset indeed.


WARNING : NEVER EVER let even your trusted friends see work in progress, even if you've known at least one of them for nearly 17 years...


/rant off.

Btw: I shouldn't let the fact that 'they got there first' put me off following on with my plans and filming my short later in the year, should it?

It's just the sort of thing I'd do, y'know:/

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