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It's Friday I'm in *Debt/Love/Bed (*delete as applicable)

Theatre yesterday...WOW!!

Got there at about 5:30pm, met up with the Weird Cabaret/Theatre group and we ran through our piece...performances began at about 7:45pm...

Work from all over the Arts Council SouthWest area, both professional and amateur...two or three pieces from schools (which were ok - one of which was very good...), a group called 'Spindle Wayfarer' who were Chris Salisbury (with a candle) and some other chap with a lute-y thing, and told a fantastic german folk tale about a young girl and a silver birch tree who wanted to dance. Pure magic!!

My mate Nik Brooks, Martin, Matt (keyboardist from 'Ruby Jive') and some other bloke (also from his group - 'Stone Soup' - see Nik with beard on the index page) did a piece which involved seriously dodgy innuendos and acronyms; F.R.E.A.C. and B.O.L.O.K.S. etc... Nik was being some Dame something or other, the bearded lady - 'twas hysterical... I shall encourage him and my father to team up and do Hinge and Bracket again...

Other work which stood out was a clowning piece, based on Romeo and Juliet... Two blokes on stage, one is posing as Romeo, the other comes in as Tybalt - realise they're the only actors there, arrange through gesticulation and comments of 'Yeth?'/'Hast thou been banithed, gone, goooone...'/'Yeth'... to be Romeo and Juliet instead...then one 'dies', the other comes in and tries to stab himself with a floppy sword...and dies on top of the other, who wakes up and can't reach the sword, so has to drag himself across the stage with the other guy on top of him to reach it. Had us in stitches, yeth thir!!

We had to go after Nik in a frock to prep for our piece, which was falling randomly/co-ordinated and text about life, ending with 'You are all indicted!! Stand up, stand up! Stand up as you would for the Marseilles, or God Save The Queen!!', with noise music in the blackout inbetween...

Went down very well...then Kasia came on at the end as the 'Kasia Slupskia : famous polish star of film and stage' that she'd been posing as all evening in the bar...opens her mouth to sing/talk and the lights go out hehe...

Obviously, this all overran by half an hour, and I was late for work...

But 'twas for my art, dahhlink, so I shall have to make up the half hour tonight instead.

After all that, work passed by rather dully, and I got to sleep very very tired indeed at 7am this morning...

I shall be relaxing this evening, then a whole new evening of adventure on Saturday night, with a different piece of theatre entirely, along with other acts...

Watch this space...


Oh, PAYDAY!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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